Finally, a new Dae asks. It’s been more than three weeks, but don’t fear, I wasn’t dead. Now that I have more free time at my hands, I will pump up the schedule of Dae asks and hopefully start my new series, beginning next month.

Today we’re keeping in line with the release of Black & White 2. In the games there’s an achievement like system called medals. While the full lists has not been revealed (not that I know of), this is not about the best medal in the game. It’s about what you would put in the game as an achievement. So give me your best shot at what you think would be fun to do.

We’re trying to think of a plan to do original coverage of BW2. If you have anything you want to see that’s not anywhere else, you can message us, or email the suggestion using the contact form on the site. We’re in the middle of compiling new pages to be added to the site very soon, so keep checking back here. Meanwhile, you can comment below with your medals.


  • paipr

    An achievement for breeding a pokemon with 4 moves it doesnt get via level up.

    An achievement for gaining ten levels in one battle (prob for audino grinding)

    An achievement for battling 100 battles in a single route (doesn’t have to be consecutive)

  • zurcn

    a Catch a shiny pokemon medal

    • paipr_christian

      or the much easier and more common to get version, dont catch a shiny medal

  • belmad

    …a medal that I thought was gold…

  • Diamond

    i would suggest a medal for 50 completed pokédex entries, that means, each time you catch 50 different pokémon, you would receive a medal
    also… a medal when you got all the pokemon who are obtained using an evolution stone (one medal for Fire Stone, other for Water Stone, like this)

  • Naetle-92

    pokèmon black and white 2 12-10-2012 (europe)

    • Can’t find another reliable source. Where does this info come from?

      Not going to post it until I really have confirmation.

  • Vszewczyk

    I think a medal for catching all the bug type pokemon would be neat. like a bug catcher trainer.

    • Diamond

      well, there is actually such a medal
      in serebii they have posted a full list of all the medals that you can get, and it seems you get a medal if you get all the pokemon of a certain type in the unova pokedex

  • FusionWarrior

    A medal for “stealing”, taking an item in an itemball located inside an occupied house or home.

    Using splash 30 times in a single battle without said pokemon fainting.

    Using an electric attack on a ground type “Aim for the horn”