For all of those Pokémon fans in Europe who are itching to learn how to type (ie: probably not anyone reading this), Nintendo will finally be releasing the game you need! It may also be fun for younger fans who want to improve their typing speed.

Or perhaps the novelty of using a keyboard paired with the Nintendo DS could push this little game into your “Want” list 🙂 As a reminder, this game will be released in Europe during the month of September!

<3 pokejungle

  • Reece

    OMG… I cannot wait for a game which can teach me how to type Pokemon names because obviously as a 16 year old, I can’t spell -_-

  • Caleb

    I honestly thought this game was forgotten about.

  • belmad

    Why is it coming out in September? I was planning to play it for days and nights during summertime.

    • Happy

      It’s thrown everyone’s plans out of whack, belmad. We’ll have to form a support group.