Nintendo aired their latest Nintendo Directs today, showcasing their newest projects and products. During the stream the first ever English trailer for BW2 was shown, as well as revealing the English names for a few key things! Check out the quicklist below:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Homika will be called Roxie in English versions of Black 2 and White 2!
  • The kami trio’s Sacred Beast Forme will be referred to as their Therian forme in English Versions
  • The “World Tournament” was announced, although readers may note that Black 2 and White 2 are only out in Japan. It will begin on June 29th, but details are scarce
  • Pokemon Typing Adventure announced for release in September for EU
  • New 3DS XL model shown, new features include screens that are 90% larger, and a longer battery life (Release dates: July 28th for EU, Aug. 19th for US)


P.S. If you missed the Nintendo Direct you can watch it here

  • hmmmm this has a lot of potential. I hope they don’t mess it up in anyway by making stupid restrictions in regards to how people can interact.

    • Also BOOOOOOOOOOOO for 3DS XL, just SOOOOO stupid!

  • Dehry

    Just how much of the game do they already have translated? I think they’re just sitting on it waiting for any exploits to pop up in the Japanese version so they can patch it.

  • Woo! i was right about the name roxie! lol

  • Matt

    Lol, so know we have Roxanne and Roxie.

    • Matt

      now* sry. Too excited to type.

  • Zuzu V^-^

    YEAH! SOME ENGLISH GAMEPLAY! Hmm. Roxie isn’t a bad name…maybe a pun on “rock” and “toxic”?

    • Gb-rt

      That or “rock” and “toxin”

  • Leo

    Cool! I kind of like her name.

    And I bought my 3DS 2 weeks ago D: Nintendo said they would not release a new 3DS u_u

    Maybe I’ll buy it in Europe…

  • Only Nintendo could royally screw up the biggest trade show of the year but absolutely DESTROY a random Thursday at the dead of night. :p

    Also, fun fact for you guys: This Nintendo Direct was filmed in the town I live in! 🙂

  • Her name, I approve so much. ಥ_ಥ

  • Bobby Surrey

    I REALLY like Roxie’s English name!!!

  • Actually the 3DSLL is supposed to have a bigger battery than the normal one so there’s another notable feature, for what it’s worth…

    • Ah, you’re so right! Should probably add that to the post. :p

      Thanks for reminding me!

  • Justin

    seriously this 3DS is still cheaper than what we originally had to pay for the 3DS? those twenty games didn’t feel worth the 80 dollars extra that I had to pay. -_-

  • JudgeDreddigon

    Meh I don’t really mind the 3DS XL. I mean it’s not the drastic change that was DSL to the DSi. It’s pretty much the DSi to the DSi XL.

    And I was hoping Roxie’s name would be Harmony, but Roxie is cool. Also I like the name Therian for the formes.

  • Roxie…not my first pick for her name, but not bad.
    Anyone know where the word “Therian” comes from?
    Everything else is eh.

    Oh, and Play Asia says my copy of Black 2 has shipped! It should be here Monday at the latest! 😀

    • JudgeDreddigon

      Therian comes from Therianthropy, which refers to the metamorphosis of humans into other animals.

    • Therian more or less means beast or someone that transformed into a beast, and possibly of spiritual or sacred origin.
      So in this case, Therian probably means Sacred Beast.

  • Uyi

    My face was literally :O @Roxie. Guess Shizui will be called Wade /obvious names.

    Yay for 3DSXL. I was totally searching for the 3DS successor so I wouldn’t waste buying for for B2W2 so this is good. And it will be out before the games too so I’m getting it. More money though 7__7

  • Miner

    In which site did Pokejungle find the leaks?

  • Eric

    “Longer battery life.”

    *Only 30 more minutes at highest brightness.

    It’s tragic, really.

  • Java King

    Is the 3ds XL coming out this year or next year?

    • moving

      This year. Next month I believe, July.

      • moving

        Wait, yeah. This year, on the dates in the post.