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  • Reece

    Mr Kriffix… I urge you to keep on translating as no Pokemon info is too much for the fanbase!

  • TheDevilsCorpse

    Moar plz.

    This “key” business has me interested…well played Gamefreak, well played. lol

  • kryzz

    Key stuff made brain hurt no work any longer :ss

  • choi

    ooh key!! is it like the legend of zelda games oracle series..where you can exchange passwords hehe..i wish it was like unlock much more from the game!! like an ultimate ending!! wee intriguing!! please, pretty please Mr. Kriffix Sir!! More, more! Like reaching a climax! I’ll bow
    down and kiss you sir hehe..

  • Lee

    Please continue! Great work Once again! Hmm… This key stuff is kinda interesting, although I still don’t really understand it.

  • caleb

    Keep translating dude! This stuff is interesting.

  • Leo

    This is getting better! Please continue *-*

  • Pokehunter

    More please, thank you for translating these ;)

  • Ben

    Please do more, we’re all dying to read the rest!

    You are amazing for translating this in the first place! :D

  • Namie

    Thanks for the translations ! Its really appreciated!!

  • MiniryuNinja

    Hmm..key, change??? i wonder if the key unlocks the version exclusive areas from one game to another by switching them around??? or adds a new area somewhere- anyway it all sounds very mysterious and very interesting :), oh and please do continue translating- ur doing an awesome job :D

  • kryzz

    I’m reliably informed the key is meant to be metaphorical

    • Kriffix

      It is indeed. Though Masuda san is being purposefully very ambiguous here.

  • John

    Just wanted to say thanks for translating up to this point! It’s probably the game I’m most excited about this year, so it really is awesome to have someone that makes the info available to none japanese speaking people.

  • Zuzu V^-^

    Yes please translate more! I always look forward to your translations! :)

  • Ditwa

    C’mon mr krifix we all know you’re an elite translator, please translate the rest please :D. And thanks for what you’ve done so far! If it helps I am a huge fan of your translating :)

  • Thatoneguy

    Thanks for translating this bit! It’d be really appreciated if you could translate the other parts too, by the way.

  • Prashain

    Please translate the other parts! PLEASE!!!

  • tlm

    Seems to be getting interesting! Please continue translating, these are greatto read.

    That “key” is just too mysterious! The way it’s described sounds like it’ll be more than just trading over Pokemon to help out…

  • Klinker

    This has grasped my interest. I would love to keep reading this so your translations would really be appreciated. Thank you for these and I hope you continue.

  • Missingno. Master

    Yes, please keep translating. This is good stuff.