Thanks to AAPF we now know the full gym leader roster (supposing there are no version exclusives that haven’t been revealed):
[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Cheren
  • Homika
  • Shizui
  • Burgh
  • Elesa
  • Skyla
  • Clay
  • Drayden

Disappointed?! Happy?! COMMENT 😀

<;3 pokejungle ps- BulbaNews is listing a difference in type effectiveness (Ghost is no longer resistant to Bug), but I highly suspect this to be a typo.

  • Arty/Burgh and Kamitsure/Elesa are back. I’m happy. I’m sure many will be happy that Fuuro/Skyla is back.. Clay.. ehh..

  • Jordi Lancel

    I don’t mind this roster but clay is the only one that I just don’t like as a gym leader ^^; Only Drayden is perfect! He is awesome 😀 Iris is freaky annoying xD

  • chiddy

    Is Skyla getting a redesign?

  • I’m not a fan of Burgh. Kindof wish he was replaced T_T

  • YAY Drayden and Skyla!. Why is everyone hatin on Clay (yeah I don’t really him either xD)

  • s

    WHERE IS QUEEN LENORA :l if shes not in the games at all I might have an epi.

    anyway I guess the gym leader line up is alright. I’m not a big fan of Clay, Burgh or Drayden but they’re okaaay…

    Elesa looks fabulous with her new coat. I wonder if its made of Mareep wool 😀

    • Xander

      Cheren replaced Lenora. Really old news.

      • s

        Yes I know, but she could at least be included somewhere else in the game.

  • I think Clay’s character didn’t really go anywhere.. he seemed to just be there to fill a niche or because people were saying pokemon characters were too young or something.

    Here’s hoping we get some artwork of the gym leaders soon in good quality. I assume they’ll all have redesigns

  • Leo

    I;m ok with the gym leaders, and it is actually good to have Cheren as one so we can show him that he hasn’t gotten stronger ahhaha.

  • VinsonSlasher

    Well, if Lenora and Iris are not in the roster anymore…
    Brycen – Yeah, a full time actor, can’t expect much. Maybe Gym Leaders do not have high salaries.

    • Xander

      It doesn’t look like we get a Battle Frontier this time.


      Looks like the World Tournament took its place.

      • VinsonSlasher

        Oh yeah, totally forgot about that new element.
        It’s kind of bittersweet then, while we get to see all the old gym leaders, we don’t get to have new battle modes.
        Like, ‘chances and probabilities’ emphasised by Battle Arcade, ‘knowledge and wisdom’ emphasised by Battle Factory.

  • Nick

    Eww. I can’t stand Burgh

  • Uyi

    Right, y;all said that Brycen was i it. I’m like Iccirus if frozen, what are you on? But glad he isn’t now 😀

  • caleb

    They purposely kept the new designs from us. We know skyla is getting a new design.

    • Xander

      They said that only Elesa got redesigned art. Haven’t seen anyone see anything to say otherwise.

    • Drdc

      She won’t

  • farfetch’d

    Same art is kind of disappointing.

    • caleb

      They do get different art. Or at least we know skyla is different. So these are probably placeholders.

      • Xander

        They said they all get the same art except for Elesa. Haven’t seen anything that says otherwise yet.

        • Nuzamaki90

          In one of the B2W2 trailers, Skyla is shown in her new gym with a black outfit.

    • Claus H. Luíz

      I’m sure ALL of the gym leaders will have new outfits.
      After all, TWO whole years have passed.

      If not, they’re closets need to be burned by wild Heatmor.

  • Ariel

    I’ll only be disappointed if we don’t get to rebattle them.

  • belmad

    I hope we will have a deep storyline on Drayden’s weird-looking beard.

    • Xander

      His beard is based after an English Knight’s face guard. Knights slay Dragons, and Drayden is a Dragon trainer so they incorporated that for his design.

  • Bobby Surrey

    I was hoping that Chili would get his own gym, since, in the anime, he stated that it was his main goal to open Unova’s first Fire-type gym.

    • Lolololololl

      The Anime =/= The Games

  • togefree#2

    hey its togefree im typing this from my 3ds so i can’t log in but i hope that burgh and skyla get tougher as gym leaders and gyms puzzles become more difficult ps why hate on clay he a better gym leader the skyla and his team is much more challenging

  • Huh. I was kinda hoping for one or two new gym leaders, but I’m sure the three new ones will be pretty awesome either way.

    Other than that, looks awesome! I mean, the plot will obviously be much different, so I’m excited to see that side of it.

  • Xander

    Honestly, after thinking about it, I kinda hope that the Bug isn’t resisted by Ghost ISN’T a typo cause now Sableye and Spiritomb have a weakness, and we won’t have a Type Combination that has no weaknesses.

  • Dan

    I’m sure that SHIZUI is the last gym leader!
    Look at any trailer ,that shows his gym, and u will that there are elite trainers, and elite trainer are only found in the last Gym.

  • belmad

    Gosh! I wrote Drayden to google images to inspect his beard but all I saw was drawings that portrays him in intercourse with Alder. What kind of fantasy is this? I mean it! Is this really a child game!?!?

    • belmad

      To be exact, I’m not criticizing it. I’m just surprised that more than 10 people thought of their releationship and spent some time to draw it.

      • Eric

        Welcome to fandom.

  • Nuzamaki90

    So we get 2 new gym leaders…
    2 Gym Leaders get new artwork (Skyla and Elesa)
    1 Gym Leader isn’t active anymore and is now a actor again (Brycen)
    Yeah this is kind of disappointing.

    I’m guessing Lenora gave the position to Cheren so she can continue work on her library/museum, and the fact that her town is frozen. It’s obvious Chili, Cress, and Cilan aren’t gym leaders for now because Striaton City is frozen lol.

    Iris probably still is a Gym leader, with the whole version exclusive thing that went on in BW. Did they show her on the original BW guidebook?

    • belmad

      There are speculations that Chily-Cherry-Chan trio is Shadow Triad.

      • Xander

        Those rumors died thanks to the trailer though since the Shadow Triad’s eyes were all Gray.

        • belmad

          There are speculations that coloured contact lenses are used in Pokemon world.

  • if they change the bug/ghost deal, i’m gonna smash my action replay! i love my wonder guard shiny max stat spiritomb w/ roar of time! also, shizui, clay, and cheren should get canned. i doubt cheren will have his lv 60s team. explanation, gamefreak?

  • cilan, chili, and cress should replace clay, cheren, and shizui. but cilan, please don’t eat my pokemon and mow your freaky green head.

  • if the bug/ghost type matchups change in BW2, will that be in link battles between BW and BW2?

  • maybe we’ll get 16 gym leaders! 8 in frozen unova, 8 when it unfreezes! maybe chili, cress, and cilan get their own gyms! (well, not cress, since we have shizui)and i’m confused, as i heard iris got new artwork and was still a gym leader. maybe she’ll come post-main story. still 4 more gym leaders if i’m right, speculation, please?

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  • Drdc

    Skyla won’t get a new design..

    • Bunyip

      She already did. View the trailer. She has a different outfit on.

  • Blizz

    Where’s Iris

  • actually, chili, cilan, and cress could be shadow triad (if the colored contact thing is true) where were they at team plasma’s castle? ha ha ha! i have proven it! yeah right. it would be cool, though.

  • could we please have a dark type gym?

  • pau

    the order of the gym leaders is: