A Pokémon Smash episode that should actually contain new game information, yay! As usual we’ll be updating continuously throughout the episode with new information. If you’d like to watch the livestream ZephyrSonic has one up.

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  • Episode started!
  • Confirmed we’ll get new game information about Pokéwood
  • Brand new Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 commercial just aired! Showed what I assumed to be a gym with wind blowing
  • Added pics! (Now video)
  • NL says Flame Charge had different sound effect 😮
  • Smash confirmed you can change title, plot, player’s phrase, and the battle based on set options
  • You may rent Pokémon for the movie


New Black 2 / White 2 Commercials:  1 and 2

<3 pokejungle


  • so their back pleeeease confirm stellar victini :0

  • Here you go as im streaming it! And OMG N was in a small commercial they played!

  • Missingno. Master


  • Missingno. Master

    Ghetsis with Kyurem!!!?!

    • @Missingno. Master

      I know I thought they removed it too but they just changed the name I don’t know why but it should be 2 spaces above CNN with the Watch number being Watch 86.

  • Peter

    It still sucks I can’t find TV Tokyo on Keyhole anymore.
    But yet thanks for the streaming Zephyrsonic!

    • I think it’s 3 spaces above “TBS.”

      • Peter

        Thank you I guess it’s not called TV Tokyo anymore on there.

    • Missingno. Master

      Yes, thanks for the live stream!

  • Ralf

    yay N vs Gethsis, that means he uses kyurem to absorb his zekrom.

  • joker90

    Here’s the video..ù

    • moving

      Yet again I’m a sucker for the introduction music, slightly remixed this time though?

      For such a short trailer it’s full of so much awesome. I really like the way the electricity/fire flows through the tubes connecting B/W Kyurems tail its body, don’t know why.

      • NL

        I too am impressed with all the music so far.

        • moving

          I’d have like to have heard a little more of the Pokéwood music too. But all in due time.

  • Mr. E

    guys look at the video time 0:15 you can see SKYLA in th gym so she is confirmed to return!!!!

  • asdfghjkl can’t wait to see what Pokewood is all about. *o*

  • Oshawott

    Uh here’s a second trailer:

  • Stephen

    Yes! Skyla is still a gym leader? Can this game get any better? I already pre-ordered a copy of Black 2. But for some reason White 2 was $5 more.

  • oooooh! zekrom go by-by! 😀 Webmaster where is the pics?

  • I have posted both trailers that aired during Smash guys in beautiful HD and the Pokéwood Footage will be up soon!

    • You just posted filb’s videos :p

    • lol I know I have been for quite awhile but I think is one of the only people to post them so yea lol. I mean kriffix hasnt minded embedding them here on the site even if they are from filb lol ;P

      • Alright, updated post with your URLs 🙂

        • Alright thanks and I now have the Pokéwood Gameplay Footage up in HD!

          • so isn’t because of pokewood, this is the first time the main character has any dialogue?

      • I think you’ve confused me for Kriffix. :p

        • LOL so im confused then cause kriffix was the one that PM’ed me on Youtube from here to tell me about that the people were saying in the Pokemon B/W 2 Animated trailer so im thinking hes like one of the main guys of this site ;P

          • OH. That. Well. Yeah, that’s Kriffix. xD

            The staffers are pokejungle, Dae, NL, Kriffix and myself. 🙂

  • Well appreantly I can’t post 2 links per comment so here is the 2nd one!

  • Uyi

    I like how the videos are geared towards separate genders haha

    Hopefully it works and even more people buy the games!

  • Mr. E

    CILAN is confirmed to return in pokewood!!! look closely!!!!

    • Idda know, it just looks like a random guy in a green screen suit thing, to be honest…

      But if that actually is him I wouldn’t be surprised – his anime counterpart loves acting in movies. :p

  • Zuzu V^-^

    If that is really Skyla’s gym, she sure does enjoy hurting her challengers…lol xD

  • caleb

    Ahhh I can’t tell if Skyla got a design change.

    • Stephen

      Yeah, I can’t tell either. It doesn’t look like it though. Maybe that’d why her gym changed instead…? I hope she got a design change though. Two years in that outfit…yikes.

    • Yeah, it is pretty hard to tell…but it looks like she got a slight outfit change in my opinion. :s
      Plus, I feel like it just makes sense to redesign all the returning Gym Leaders now that they’ve shown they resigned Elesa. But then again, they didnt redesign Brycen so I could be wrong. Unless he’s not a Gym Leader anymore…


      • michael spiller

        technically it hasent been comfirmed that in game shell be re designed. in the game and anime shes a model so i makes sense for her to where diffrent clothes.

        • Exactly. Yet again, another possibility and another unanswered question that makes me want the game more. ;-;

  • Stephen


  • icysoul

    Im mad at myself now 3 days ago,i thought to myself that with the first bw games,n get a dragon,but in bw2,the kyurem forme on the games break the cycle (like reshiram in black,so n get zekrom,but with black2,zekrom and kyurem mixed,are on the cover) and it made me think that if n is back,his dragon may come back too,which may come into the story,causing the kyurem forme change,and now i feel dumb for not saying something but now,that im not so lazy today,i will talk on what i GUESS may happen,but please remember im only going by my 13 year experiense of pokemon,plus im dumb (in my opinion),so just bear with me .anyone remember that god stone thingie that was in bw? maybe ghetsis get it somehow,and gives him control of kyurem,or maybe awaken it from the stone.i also thought that sence ghetsis get kyurem,maybe you get the god stone in someway(probably from dragonspiral tower,maybe in some secret room),which frees kyurem,allowing it to be caught.also maybe the stone disappers and give kyurem the power of freeze shock or ice burn. now,since there are 2 kyurem formes,there has 2 be a way to change them,right? im thinking that after you beat ghetsis,kyurem will return to its regular forme,which makes n give a piece of his dragon(a reshiram feather or a zekrom scale?)and give info regarding the location of the trainer from bw(male or female depending on your gender)and their dragon,and after you find them and battle him/her,they give a scale or feather. and what about that “original dragon” thing? (in bw,the story mentions that reshiram and zekrom were 1 pokemon) maybe there is a 3rd forme that is half reshiram/zekrom,and it is triggered by being around the 2 dragon items i mentiond,or the dragons themselfs. sence kyurem is based on the consept of wuji,the absence on yin/yang,while reshiram and zekrom are based on yin/yang,maybe kyurem becomes the original dragon…? did any of this make since to anyone? since we are waitin for bw2,i thought of a few things for us to think of,i dont know if im right or wrong,im just puttin my 2 cents into this. ps,i am trying for a shiny kyurem in my black,which has taken a week,and no luck pss,i also filled all the boxes of my pc in black,batteled reshiram,forcing it to dragon spiral tower,and it wasent shiny,so i think its impossible to obtain them shiny. just tossing it out there

  • Just a small thing… It looks like Ghetsis got a minor design change… The colors of his robe look a little different and he’s definitely holding the cane.

    • autodidact

      FYI, the original protagonists from aBlack and White are officially known as Hilbert/Hilda. Not Black or Whitlea, where ever you got that from.

  • Nuzamaki90

    Looks like when Ghetis lost to Black it really fudged him up.

    Lol who the hell hides from the police in a freezing cold cave with a man-eating monster from space living inside?

    I kind of got a theory after seeing the trailer with N: N meets you, he says some mess about you reminding him of Black/Whitlea and then both of you confront Ghetis and Kyurem when he notices that Kyurem is in trouble. N battles Black Ghetis, loses, and the corrupted Kyurem absorbs Reshiram/Reshiram’s Powers/Zekrom/Zekrom’s Powers and transforms into Black/White Kyurem like it did in the movie trailers. Then you gotta battle Ghetis to save Kyurem and get Zekrom/Reshiram’s powers back.

  • Leo

    The games look good but I will not play then until they are released in the U.S. For the first time I won’t play the Japanese version.

  • VinsonSlasher

    That’s totally great! Skyla’s gym puzzle which was so linear, boring and not challenging is now revamped to a totally cool HURRICANE machine!

    That means ELESA’s gym may be revamped too!

  • michael spiller

    ghetsis has got a new outfit.

  • Pokewood looks promising! I hope working on it so much actually gives something more useful than Pokemon Musical.. Like winning Super Contests give you a trainer star (forgot whether it’s in RSE or DPPt or both).. Practically Pokemon musical doesn’t give anything IMO.. Well CMIIW (I personally am bored with the musical so I don’t do it often)

    So to sum up, we’ve currently got Cheren, Homika, Elesa, Skyla, Shizui and Brycen (possibly). So there’s still 2 seats left.. (unless they break the tradition by adding more gyms in one region) Maybe Iris/Drayden and Clay (or their relatives)? My guess is Lenora being retired and the trio actually like the rumor said are Shadow Triad (or maybe just retired also)

  • linmonsteelix

    Lol. Skyla has a cooler gym.. Get it, “cooler”…. Hahaha

    • linmonsteelix

      And it seems that she would make use of the plane in front of her gym.. That’s what I’m thinking…

  • Roy

    So with this video, confirmed gym leaders are: Cheren, Homika, Shizui, Elesa, and Skyla. Judging by the videos, Brycen will just be in Pokewood and leave his gym behind.