Well, it always seems like news pops up when I’m bored enough to post that I’m wasting away from lack of news. It looks like the first International Pokémon tourney will take place this March! 50,000 people may participate, although only 25,000 slots are available for non-Japanese games.

Usual Pokémon will be banned and matches will be double battles 🙂 Sound fun? You can register on March 15th until the 21st, then BATTLE March 22nd through the 26th!

<3 pokejungle

  • belmad

    I hate people who are calling themselves true pokemon fans and only like original 151 pokemon. I really hate them making fun of other generations. They’re not true pokemon fans, we are true pokemon fans. Because we don’t love Pokemon, just because we watched it when we’re child. We love it, because it’s part of our life!


      Agreed. I hate people who say that GF is running out of ideas when Gen I had probably the most generic pokemon. I remember a video where some guy said Gen IV had unoriginal pokemon and compared Glameow with Hitmonlee. I agree there are some bad ones each gen but people need to take their nostalgia goggles off. If the gens were reversed, people would be saying the exact same thing about Gen 1 and 2 that they say about IV and V.

      Anyway, on topic, I can’t be bothered to enter. EV training is a pain and I don’t really want to use Pokegen in an official tournament.

    • How did Gen I stuff get brought up? 😮 I feel like I’m missing something!

      • COLE TRAIN

        Dunno. This guy started going on about it so I did too.

  • Reece

    The last tournament, I signed up but didn’t participate (I didn’t battle at all)… I feel sorry for those who wanted to join but couldn’t because all the spaces were filled… My slot could’ve gone to a potential winner… =S

  • Times like these where I wish I could EV train. I’d lose in a second. Maybe one day I can join a tournament..one day. lol

  • Patrick

    how do you register???

    • I can reply at home step by step, no flash on my iPad. I believe you can start the process by clicking on the purple GBU button from the main PGL page.