Look any good?  I like Scolipede personally :3

<3 pokejungle

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  • Reece

    Hmmm: Pikachu + Krokorok together in a double battle… whatever will happen(!)
    Aside from that obvious fact, isn’t this like Scolipede’s 100th appearance… it keeps cropping up EVERYWHERE.
    What’s also interesting is that Ash lends his one true Pokemon friend (Pikachu for those of you that didn’t know) to a boy who looks to be under 10… does this mean that this Pokemon criminal will be a recurring character… in the future possibly?

  • Dylan Lowden

    Yay! The return of Swaggerdile!

  • Winston

    I like Scolipede but in the anime it’s voice?!?!?

    It sounds just like a bird Pokemon, like ash’s Staravia or something stupid like that.

    Why does it have that voice???