New title format for anime previews that focuses on title of the episode 🙂

Episode looks interesting, it’ll be fun to see Escavalier and Accelgor battle 😀 anyone else like these two kickass bugs?

<3 pokejungle

  • luv it but in a battle between accegor and excavalier escavalier will win unless accelgor has hp fire

  • temporario23

    I do [like them]. Just one thing: It’s “Escavalier”, not “Escabalier”…

    • Thanks! Wrote this from my iPad at 7:30am on the way to school xD

  • roy_vos

    really wanna see this battle, i wonder why Escavalier is so fast in the anime and so slow in game 🙁

  • Reece

    Misty’s worst nightmare -_-

  • Not

    Neat. Looks like an…interesting….episode. It’s not one that I am particularly ecstatic for.
    But I practically have ants in my pants, I just want ash closer to catching that Krokorok! 8D