In preparation for 2012, we’re going to cover some of 2011.  We saw the launch of Pokémon Black and White in English, as well as Pokémon Rumble Blast and some other tantalizing news of new games.  These posts will focus on some of the events we saw in the last year.

In this first article, I’d like to look over the BEST and WORST English names we were forced to deal with for the new Pokémon when Black and White were released on March 4th, 2011 for the first time in English. Those of us who had been following the information since Zorua and Zoroark were first revealed in 2010 had already grown accustomed to some of the Japanese names, but all that would change when we read the leaked list of English names for the fifth generation.  In a highly controversial post, I’ll go over my opinion with what the greatest names were (and also the not-so-great):

The best English names:

  •  Hydreigon – Arguably the best name GenV produced. Hydra + drei (German for 3) + dragon
  •  Sigilyph – Good combination of Glyph and Sigil… for whatever this Pokémon actually is.
  •  Joltik – An adorable and fitting name for one of the cutest Pokémon we’ve seen!
  •  Escavalier – Cute play on snail in French (escargot) and cavalier (horse-mounted soldier)
  •  Bisharp – Love the play on chess pieces for Pawniard and Bisharp, with the latter being the cooler one of the two


The worst English names:

  •  Klinklang – Seriously? The first two stages didn’t have good names and mashing them together certainly didn’t improve upon them
  •  Sewaddle – Give me back my Kurumiru! I get the sewing, the swaddling, but it doesn’t roll of the tongue nicely and doesn’t do the cuteness justice
  •  Sawsbuck – Yeah, yeah, I get the whole Summer Autumn Winter Spring shtick, but just isn’t a good name.
  •  Beheeyem – Givmeeabraek
  •  Sawk (& Throh) – It was cute in Gen I to simply misspell existing words (Muk comes to mind), but these two got terrible names


There you go!  Those are my top 5’s regarding the English names.  Go rant and rave in the comments below!  I’m sure you all have some great thoughts to share!

<3 pokejungle

  • Airederu

    You forgot Deerling and Ducklett for worst names :3

  • belmad

    Wait, what? Where’s the almighty VOLCARONA ?!?!

    • *dry cough*

      I do like the name actually. Just wasn’t enough room :<

  • Muk is an inappropriate name.

    • Are you talking about Muk backwards? lol

      • Yes. I am immature.
        I think generation 1 has some pretty creative names. “Ekans” is “snake” backwards. Snivy and oshawatt are my favorite generation 5 names. I hated them at first though.

  • I really like this post, but what about best nicknames to your pokemon?? i named my samurott Hydrotter.

    • *pokejungle uses Future Sight*

      2 turns later: Dae Asks What’s your best Pokemon Nickname?

    • Because I hate you: I’m putting on this on my ‘never going to do it’-list.

      Joking, it’s a very good idea. Will certainly fit it the dae asks schedule. 😉

  • I agree with this list but I actually like beeheyem and sawsbuck lol

    • belmad

      I likeBeheeyem too, ingenious indeed.
      But i think Sawsbuck is bad, it should be Seasonal God.

  • Never understood Bisharp, but I don’t know the English names of the chess pieces.
    Roggenrolla is seriously a very bad name. It’s a rock, that for sure, but I don’t see the whole rock ‘n’ roll in the Pokémon.

    • I believe it is supposed to look like a speaker. That’s where the rock ‘n roll comes from.

  • I still can’t get use to Sawsbuck. Ugh it’s just does not sound well…it’s like when someone scratches the chalk board and you have that eerie ring stuck in your head. (Over exaggerate all the things! o/)

  • Miki

    Hmm.. I didn’t like Lillipup’s name. I loved Yorterrie, it was a nice mix of yorkie and terrier, which is of cousre what Lillipup is. Lillipup sounds more like the name of a grass-type dog, and we already have Lilligant. Lillipup may roll off the tongue better and have an overall cuter sound, but I don’t understand why they changed such a good name. But *shrugs* I suppose they do that a lot.

    Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the matter. 🙂

  • temporario23

    Unfezant is the worst of them all IMO…

  • Throh and Sawk are arguably the worst Pokémon names of all time.

    My personal favorite names of this Gen are Panpour, Maractus, Reuniclus, Foongus/Amoonguss, and Volcarona.

    Notable mentions: Carracosta, Galvantula

  • JHN

    If you ask me the worst English name is Braviary. Purely because Wargle was so much better. But yeah, Troh and Sawk are godawful.

    But the actual worst rename is Bianca. Nothing wrong with the name itself, but what was wrong with Bel? Especially since all the other languages use a variation of Bel too.

  • Reece

    I think I read somewhere that the beta names for Sawk & Throh were Rawkem(spelling?) and Sawkem(spelling?) named after the blue and red robots that punched each other until the heads pooped off… ¬_¬

  • Janter23

    Here’s my personal list for B&W names in no order:

    Top 5 – Elgyem, Zebstrika, Whimsicott, Amoonguss, Stoutland

    Bottom 5 – Emboar, Sawk, Cubchoo, Liepard, Ducklett

  • Dicie

    B/W 3 Confirmed for 2017.

    • Shucklefan101

      Or black 22 and white 22

  • And I!!!!!!!!!!!! Will always love Siiiiiiiinnnnnnooooooooohhhhhhh!

  • I disapprove of the worst name list ✋

  • thegreatcarbinkle

    give mee a breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak