Exciting huh?!  Just a little preview, but sure to be interesting 😉 What part do you think little Keldeo will have in all this?  Clip was shown on Oha Suta, originally recorded by!

<3 pokejungle

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  • AMAZING!! 😀

    • You get a cookie for commenting so fast :3 Here you are: *cookie*

  • Kinda disappointed Kyurem is 3D animated in that scene…but I really should be getting use to that, gah. >.<
    Looks pretty good with what he have so far…I think Virizion is my Favorite of the 3, it just looks so elegant and i love how it looks in the movie. c:

    • Serebii

      Don’t worry. That’s always the case with the teaser trailers. Zekrom was 3D animated last year

  • Honestly, I’ve pretty much given up on the anime, but I suppose this looks half-decent. :/

  • Reece

    … Another movie where Ash gets into trouble and ends up nearly dead if it wasn’t for some Pokemon to save the day…
    Don’t like the way Kyurem was animated… looks to Pokedex 3D for me
    Regarding Keldeo… maybe it will make a cameo appearance or myabe it will be the center of the plot… who knows?

  • hey, now that i remember… wasn’t it supposed that pokemon movies usually advice us about the next pokemon game?
    if that’s true, then maybe this movie is telling us that the next game is Pokemon Gray! i don’t know if it’s true, but i remember a post in other forum where a guy told little things that appeared in previous pokemon movies that adviced about a new pokemon game!

    • Rocky505

      it wasn’t me was it? Because I have been going on all the popular pokemon sites saying this lol.

      • no, no, it was in a spanish forum. i can’t find that post (it is a bit old), i think it was when the 14th movie was announced, i can’t remember

  • Is it just me, or at 0:09 of the trailer, the shot of Ash makes him seem a lot less like his design in the past, and more like … well… toonish?
    His head looks bigger and his arms look a lot smaller :/
    And the big head makes his hair look a lot shorter…

  • What TV Show is that? I Mean, At the beginning there is a Pokemon Show.