Because I live in Tokyo, I have the opportunity to go to the Pokémon Center whenever I want 🙂 In my year (omg, it’s been a year?!) I’ve actually only gone twice though. I decided to do a feature on this second trip I did. I even bought something this time :p

As you can see, there is a lot of cute merchandise! Lots of new Christmas stuff as well. I took the Serebii plush pic for Joe :p The shirt there is a pretty kickass depiction of Kakuna and something I’d definitely be ok wearing. Sadly it’s over $50US 🙁 I did however buy the phone strap (N) and a pencil case. Those two alone were $18…ouch. Early Xmas present for PJ!

I went there to waste time actually and arrived 10 before it actually opened. Definitely fun to sit next to a bunch of 6 year old children also waiting for the doors to open. >_____> Highly recommend a visit if you come to Japan (there are many locations across the country). Thought you guys would enjoy a couple pics 😀

<3 pokejungle

  • Belmad

    All i want from there is a tiny little Leafeon figure.

  • Relianth1

    You didnt happen to get a code or two for the Blissey giveaway while you were there-hint..hint.. 🙂

    • No but I’ll actually be going back on Tuesday for them and shaymin download(s). 🙂

  • Reece

    Wish one would come to London… then I would have a reason to (besides a big Game & HMV)

  • If you got me an Oshawott and a Cubchoo like in the second picture, I would love you forever. 😛

  • Awe the Christmas Pokemon plushies are so cute, especially Oshawott! *o* When I visited NY and went to Nintendo World, I spazzed out haha…I ended up buying 4 Pokemon plushies, I adore them. :> It’d be amazing to go to the Pokemon Center, I wouldn’t even know what to do when I get there except melt in a puddle of happiness… lol cX

  • Macos

    Can I make a request, Pokejungle? As this video shows (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGw7l0Ci4IQ&feature=player_embedded) they display model sheets of Pokemon and characters of the game, I just wonder whether you could take some pictures and share them with us.

    Thanks in advance.

  • How much would it be for one of those plush Christmas Oshawotts shipped to the US? Would you be able to do something like that??