So, have you downloaded your Victini via WiFi yet? It’s now available for those in the United States, England and Australia! Exciting huh?  We reported on this earlier, but now it’s finally live… and you guys probably needed a reminder.  Ends December 31st, so I’d suggest getting it sooner rather than later.  Comes with the moves V-Create, Fusion Bolt, and Fusion Flare! It’s lv50 and has a Fire Gem.  In case you’re curious about it’s special move (previously unobtainable through normal gameplay) it has a base damage of 180, but lowers Victini’s Sp Def, Def, and Spd by one stage.  Ouch.

The other topic we have today (which goes hand in hand with the download) is the movie premier!  This weekend is the limited theatrical release of both the White and Black movies in the United States.  Did anyone go?  If you didn’t get a chance, the movie WILL be airing on Cartoon Network on December 10th.

<3 pokejungle

  • I got mine yesterday when I Twitter exploded about it 😛
    Careful nature, so +Sp.Def for Sp.Att, which really burns my balls, but I wasn’t planning to use it or nothing >__>

    • ant

      You do know that you can reset the game as many times as you want to get the right nature you wanted it on.

      • Nope. I always thought that it automatically changed the Wonder Card and made an auto-save, hence the “Please save after receiving” message. Learn something new and completely useless everyday.

        • ant

          “Please save after receiving” just means that they want to make sure after you get the event at anytime save the game cause if you get rid of the card before you get the event then its gone. I’ve done it plenty of times of restarting the game to get the right nature on events with the exception of pre-setted nature ones like they did with the dogs.

  • belmad

    Is Victini available in Europe?

    • Reece

      by the way… V-create is avaiblabe in Europe as I have got it in both black & white via mystery gift… timid + modest

    • In English speaking countries I guess, sorry, Reece was correct.

  • Oh wow I completely forgot about the movie dates! >.< Thanks for the CN date (so not looking forward to all the commercial breaks)! c:

  • Wait, Black and White were in theaters? We went and saw White and I thought it was just going to be Black on CN next weekend?? BTW, according to the CN website, they’ll be reairing it Sunday, the 11th in case anyone misses it Sat.

    We got some cool stuff in goodie bags with our tickets. A cool jumbo Victini card, a sticker, a manga book, a 3DS Victini Pokedex entry thing, etc. It was worth the 2 hour drive to the theater and the $5 movie ticket price. 🙂

  • AmberMint

    Yeah I saw the movie Sunday morning at a nearby theater, it was awesome seeing a Pokemon movie in theaters again. I think it was my first time since I saw the Latias and Latios movie a while ago in elementary school. I also loved the little goodie bags they handed out haha

  • miJ

    is it pointless to have v-create AND fusion flare? i’m thinking of deleting v-create… i know it’s victini’s signature move and all, but fusion flare is still strong and doesn’t lower stats. what do you think? and are YOU keeping both moves?

    • miJ

      it also has searing shot?? isn’t that exactly like fusion flare? this is a confusing victini to work with. lol

  • I got mine the other day, but a friend decided to borrow my DS and turned it off without saving… >.>

    I’ll have to get it again later.

  • Bobby

    A group of 10 friends and I went and saw the movie in the theater! 🙂