Our friend shellspider has posted an update containing details for an Altaria that’s available from the Pokemon Global Link site for a week and a half only.  The download lasts from Nov 18th to Nov 30th.  It has it’s hidden ability Cloud Nine (negates weather effects) and the attack False Swipe (cannot reduce an opponent’s HP below 1).

Password: みねうちチルタリス(Translation: “FalseSwipeAltaria”)

<3 pokejungle

  • Reece

    Wasn’t a false swipe Swablu available via Pokemon Box Ruby & Spaphire? and then you had to hatch the egg?

  • rikuo311

    ive been using altaria a lot lately online and its real good if used defensively
    it knows
    -cotton guard
    -feather dance
    -draco meteor (dragon gem)

  • I wonder why the event is so short? :/ Seems like they usually give people a lot more time to get them.

  • Yonj

    As I see it, the event goes until the end of November 2012, so it’s running a whole year, not just two weeks.
    Thanks for the password btw.

  • Relicanth1

    Thanks for posting this-I just tried the password and it worked! I always liked Altaria-glad to add him!