And it’s only 30 seconds?!  Don’t be too disappointed, it’s very similar to the minute-ish trailer that was released in September for the movie’s twin, Pokémon the Movie: White.  There is a new official mini-site for the movie now (Black / White slide the victini back and forth!) which you can visit.  It has also revealed that the movie will premier on Cartoon Network and is set to air December 10th.  So for those of you who can’t make it to a theater, perhaps you can catch it on your TV 🙂

To promote the new movie, there are various Victini-related things:

  • Victini C-Gear! Password is VICTINI2011 (as previously reported)
  • Victini in Rumble Blast, password is 6699-8898 (page will be updated soon)
  • Victini download in B/W (has v-create, along with fusion bolt and fusion flare!) December 3rd-31st via WiFi
  • Victini Sweepstakes!  Americans may enter here
<3 pokejungle
ps- A maintenance notice posted on the PGL website revealed that on November 15th all areas will get the Rugged Mountain area (that is the confirmed English name). The site will go down for awhile though, so it may not be immediately accessible when you wake up and want to catch that purdy ‘lil Larvitar.
  • Reece

    does this mean that the shiny golurk/hydreigon will also come?… please say yes!!!… =O

  • Sunder


  • Can’t wait for the Victini giveaway! 😀

    …and it took me nearly three hours to find the “Comments” link in the new layout >.>

  • Dylan Lowden

    so far it looks like I’ll be watching Cartoon network. I hope they make a date to show the movie in new mexico.

  • Sorry that this is off-topic, but PLEASE!!! EVERYONE GO TO AND VOTE FOR DITTO!!! WE DON’T WANT ANOTHER ARCEUS!!! DITTO WITH IMPOSTER WOULD BE AMAZAZING!!! Please! I beg of you… but seriously. I don’t even see why people vote for Arceus anyway…

    • I really don’t want Ditto to win. :< It can't pass on its own DW ability, it can't make other 'mons pass on their DW abilities, I see no reason to own one. :/ I'd take Arceus over DW Ditto any day, but I already voted for Torchic.

      • C.O.

        *facepalm* Torchic was already released….

        • Not in America. :/ And I don’t care, I want a DW Torchic.