I know I’m late on this one, but just thought I’d highlight the international release.  If you want the Victini C-Gear (that Japan’s had forever) you simply need to go to the “Promotions” page on the PGL website and enter the code VICTINI2011

<3 slowpoke

ps- What other pokemon do you want to see C-Gear skins for?!

  • I’d like to see a Mew skin featuring lots of pink and sparkles and bubbles :3

    I’d also like some “basic” skins that are just flat colors/simple patterns, with no Pokémon on them.

    • Rikuo88

      ME aslo as well!!

      • Rikuo88


  • Reece

    Aura Sphere Lucario… or Psycho Cut Gallade… epicness!

  • Austin Rich

    Bidoof Eating Wood. :3

    But in all seriousness, I think a collage skin featuring all of the starter Pokemon + Pikachu would be cool. 😀

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