Please read the following as an infomercial product pitch:

WHO wouldn’t want to download a FREE MAMOSWINE?! LOOK AT THIS GUY! Huge-ass tusks? CHECK! Big brushy moustache? CHECK!  Blue-effing-eyeshadow? CHECK, CHECK, AND DOUBLE CHECK! Now IS the time to DOWNLOAD this LIMITED EDITION pokemon at NO COST.  What?  No cost?  YES, NO COST! ABSO-LUTELY FREE! Call within the next five minutes and we’ll DOUBLE THE OFFER!  That’s right TWO MAMOSWINES!

Now that I’m done having fun, here are the codes for European players (thanks Reece for grabbing them for me 😀 ).  Please enter that on your country’s official Pokemon Global Link website:

  • Italy: MAMNintendoUfficiale
  • France: MAMNintendoOfficiel
  • Spain: MAMNintendoAccion
  • United Kingdom + Other Euro countries: MAMNintendoOfficial

<3 pokejungle

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  • Aww, I really like Mamoswine! Hopefully the US will get this some day… :<

  • Reece

    No problemo… just doing my bit =P

  • this guy looks like he is going to be a tank in B/W but i may be wrong