Looks fun! Can’t wait to see the Maractus “Dance Festival” 😀  Love my grass types!

<3 pokejungle

  • Reece

    Ha-ha looks so good especially where they preform… kinda reminds me of Pokemon contests.

    P.s. you might want to make an article for the mamoswine on th Pokemon Global Link
    UK + rest of Europe:Password: MAMNintendoOfficial
    Italy: MAMNintendoUfficiale
    France: MAMNintendoOfficiel

  • Porygandrew

    Okay, so it’s the exact same episode as the Bellossom episode only in a new region? Got it.

  • Looks like a pretty fun episode, can’t wait to see it. These past couple episodes and the upcoming ones have been really fun to watch, I really can’t wait for the Iris episode. c: