PokéPark 2 has been announced! This new game, a sequel to the ‘Pikachu’s Adventure’ title that came out previously, will be released on the Wii and feature multiplayer games along with single player challenges. So far not much is known about it 🙂 The ‘Park series is always for 6-12 year olds though, so I’ll be skipping this one (but then again, I don’t have a Wii anyways!). You can give your opinions in the comments!

The Beyond the World subtitle makes me think that there MAY be a possibility for some Black/White connection features… but who knows… Could just be inclusion of Gen V pkmn. UPD: Cover art revealed at Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Mewtwo event also confirmed for Japanese BW games, starts September 26th and lasts until October 31st. I’ve always loved Mewtwo, so I’ll definitely be downloading this purple powerhouse.


  • Lets be honest… who will actually buy this for the gameplay…? The only reason people may buy this if they want it to add to their Pokemon merchandise collection!

  • This disappoints me.

  • Damleb

    Sometimes, they force me to hate Pikachu and at this marvelous moment i hate Pikachu.

  • Surprising announcement, but so dissapointing.
    Hope there can be other stuffs hidden ion the corocoro, or a surprise in pokemon smash (I doubt it, it’s the kind of game that can be announced in that show, it’s for kids after all).

  • I always wonder why they think many people will care about games like this.

  • Is it just me, or does this seem like Pokemon’s answer to Mario Party?

    Also, for the love of all that is good in the world, please let this NOT be the “big surprise” we’re supposed to get on ‘Smash. I will be ever so disappointed.

  • To make up for this ‘shocking'(!) announcment, the Mewtwo distributed should be given some awesome moves… or else!!! ¬_¬

  • Not

    I was expecting something much cooler. What a let down. Does anyone actually care about those Pokemon games? Oh well.

  • Marko

    -_-…….. this sucks!!!

  • Urk…I played Poke Park 1 and it wasn’t fun at all to me, than again I’m over the age limit they set for the game ha ha. To me the only fun thing was being able to be one of my favorite Pokemon while playing the games. :/ Gonna pass out on this one as well.

    I agree, if this is Smash’s announcement I will go all caps rage then hide in a corner. Please don’t disappoint this time. D:

  • ertre

    Wow, that’s disappointment is it’s purest way.

  • GoldStarz

    I think Pokemon is trying to troll us.

  • Tackman

    I may be wrong, be these models look like the same ones found on the Pokédex 3D.

    • Damleb

      yes, they look a -like

  • Oh man this is the last thing I expected, but at least I will be able to download Mewtwo.

  • Sponge

    Meh, this interests me even less than that Pokemon Rumble game. :/

  • Rocky505

    There is only one good thing about this game. 5th gen 3D models in an actual game.

  • SniperMudkip

    Fact is, I wasn’t interested in the first pokepark game. Grey, Ruby/Saphire remakes, hell even the next installment of the Orre games would have been better!
    Or an improvement on Battle Revolution. Anyone want that?

  • miJ

    game freak is spreading themselves too thin with all this new pokemon-related trash. they would do better to focus on mastering their best and most focused pokemon games. the more crap like this they make, the less… i want to say respect or interest… people will have for the franchise. i’m all for them branching out and making other games, but i wish they’d stop watering down this one.

    • Serebii

      GameFreak doesn’t make the spin-off games so it’s not spreading themselves too thin at all

      • miJ

        touché. then the pokémon company or whatever. you know what i meant. lol

  • This, right here, is the definition of dissapointment. :l

  • Kris

    I was hoping for a remake of ruby/sapphire…how sad 🙁

  • the incredible oak

    I saw this and cried tears of joy and printed out the image to put by my pillow when I sleep

    Then I saw everyone else’s responses and pretended I hadn’t done that

  • purple230

    Complete and utter disappointment. T_T
    I’m all for 3D models but, can’t they use them in a game similar to Colloseum and XD?
    I already have an awesome Mewtwo….this one better have good moves.

    Yay for the colour purple being mentioned.

  • The only thing I like of this game is the cover.

  • Dan

    I saw someone on another site mention that Junichi Masuda is only involved in the main series games, so why would he be announcing this? I’m still hoping for at least a “new” pokemon reveal from him.

    • i think the same. Masuda works in Game Freak and this game is from Creatures Inc., so i will wait until sunday to see what they do in the show
      i don’t believe that Masuda will go to the show to announce this game or to talk about the Mewtwo event… it would be a bit senseless for me

  • Oh Hello

    It’s times like there where I just want to yell “Go eff yourself”

    …to Nintendo/the makers of this game, of course.

  • Reuniclus

    I was hoping for a Mystery Dungeon game or Pokemon Stadium styled game. >.<

    Oh well

  • The pokemon models look awosome! Pity they couldn’t have been used in a rpg like XD: Gale of darkness…

  • Tackman

    Since the game was shown during Nintendo’s 3DS conference in Japan, it can no longer be considered a “shocking surprise” if they show it Saturday on Pokémon Smash… So maybe, just maybe, this isn’t the game Pokémon Smash was teasing…

    There is still hope.

    • DavidSchinkel

      Yeah I agree with you. This can’t be the game that Pokemon Smash was teasing, since its already announced in the 3DS conference.

  • Pokelova

    Wow, I’m surprised at the negativity here! I loved the first PokePark! It’s one of the most adorable games ever (behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn), and the gameplay and story weren’t bad! I’m really excited about this, maybe more so than Super Pokemon Rumble!

  • Reuniclus

    Yeah. Ignore my last comment, I actually liked PokePark…. It was adorable.