A new C-Gear skin has been announced! Featuring a skateboarding Pikachu, and designed with the 2011 Pokemon World Championships in mind, this C-Gear skin is available through the Global Link from now until September 15th. It requires a password that hasn’t been revealed yet. The password for it is WorldsCGear. As well as this one, the Audino C-Gear, which was previously only available in Japan, can now be obtained in the US Global Link! It’s also available from now until September 15th, and requires a password. The latter of which has not been revealed yet. But stay tuned and we’ll post it once it becomes known!  Yahoo! Kids has finally revealed the password, it’s YAHOOAUDINO.

peace – ozymandis

P.S. Best C-Gear skin EVER. Am I right?

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  • Ha… so funny, already got it ‘cuase I saw it on Serebii, then I saw the date + password and that it as already out and now… it’s my new C-Gear Skin…def the best one so far

    Any word on when they’re gonna release the new Pokedex skins, Unova starter one is gettin pretty old?

    • I wish i could get the skin, but the Global Link really hates me. I got a log in and everything but it won’t even let me log into the Global Link! Dx

      As for the Pokedex skins, I doubt they’ll come out with that many since, unlike the C-Gear, it isnt seen as much in-game. All I know is that there is a Kanto starter skin that has been released in Japan, but not in the States. :l

  • shellmurai

    please tell me that pikachu one is available in the US o.o

    • this Pikachu one is the first one to be released internationally so in short, it is available in the US

      • shellmurai

        i cant find it on the site lol i will check back later i guess :/ hopefully its there. and like other people have said this is the best C gear skin so far

    • Global means EVERYWHERE. Which mean Yes, its available in the US! 8D

  • shellmurai

    thanks ozzy lol. i tend to be impatient lol. but for some reason i cant find it on the site

  • I don’t see it either, I think it’s because it isnt the 4th of August everywhere around the world yet. :l
    Although it seems like a few people already have it…? Oh well. Give it a few hours and try again?


  • HNG that Pikachu C-Gear is to die for!

    Just got the Audino one, but not changing my C-Gear till the Pikachu appears 😀

  • I can’t wait for this c gear skin i wont even wake up my pokemon till i have it!! 😀

  • OMG I so want that, I hate not having wifi 🙁

  • Its the 5th of august where I come from!

  • Belmad

    IT’S UGLY!

    • Happy

      prepare to feel the wrath of a thousand gangster pikachus

      they will tumble across the hills like a wave of adorable

    • your right!

  • I love this new skin, it’s so cute! 😀 I hope they do more skins with this style of art.

  • Belmad

    it’s just fugly

  • HikaruAyame

    the Victini skin’s cuter. :/

  • Skateboarding Pikachu = LOVE

  • I can’t bring myself to change from my Chiraamii C-Gear skin, it’s waaaay too cute <3

    I love this art style…not so much that skateboard though.

  • Belmad

    pikachu can’t skateboard that’s just ridiculous.

    • You keep repeating yourself, we get that you don’t like it… >.>

      And if Pikachu can fly and surf, I say it can skateboard if it wants to.

  • Belmad

    NO what i want to say is it’s ugly.

    • And you -have- said it. Four different times.

  • Belmad

    really i haven’t noticed that i have said “it’s ugly” four times

  • Belmad

    but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s ugly anyway

    • Keyblader Jahu

      But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a stupid troll. Go back under your bridge.

      • Belmad

        you broke my heart I’m not a troll 🙁

  • the password didn’t work ._.

    • Austin

      Did you capitalize the correct parts? 😀

      I love both of these skins. I am a boy in White (like I am IRL) and a girl in Black. Thier names are Austin (like IRL) and Aubrey. Austin currently has Skateboarding Pikachu and Aubrey has the Audino. I give them the ones that seem to match their gender. Austin has both Pikachu skins and Aubrey has the Munna, Minccino, and Audino. I just switch them out whenever. 🙂

  • The World Ends With Chu