I’m going to start posting the weekly previews for the next Japanese episode 🙂  Looks like Roggenrola finally gets its time to shine!

<3 pokejungle

  • YAY!!!!!!!! This episode look’s cool BEAST!
    I’m assuming Team Rocket wants to use Roggenrola for it’s energy it has inside of it’s body.

  • Dislike the anime :S
    What site should I check now instead for poke news xDDD

    • Bite your tongue! I’m only covering weekly amine previews while news is slow. Sorry 🙁

      Don’t leeeeeeaaaaaave me! I’m like your clingy girlfriend ;p

      • Write up some battle strategies while news is slow x) I know alot.

  • It looks like Ash catches a Roggenrola.

  • all i hope is ash’s oshawott evolves and snivy does too

  • wish they would broadcast that team rocket vs. team plasma episode. i haven’t watched the bw anime since november.

  • If Ash catches that Roggenrola, I might die T^T

  • If both oshwott and snivy evolve, then ash getting roggenrola, that’s 3 pokemon that ep, also team rocket harnessing the gigilith line for it’s energy harnessing for evil looks omg

  • Ash is pretty much confirmed for getting Roggenrolla. Yay!

  • Ludicolo

    what the eff happened to the rest of the ev training guide

  • AdventureComicCreator

    I dont know,but I wish Roggenrola will be captured by Ash.

  • pokemon4ever

    Will Ash get the Rogenrolla he carries?
    He just got a Palpitoad so…
    Hope James gets a Ferrothron as it is a grass and fits in the the throns/spikes/eating of James =D

  • PaperBoats

    I also think Ash might catch Roggenrola. I’m glad; it reminds me of the days when he DID try and catch ’em all.
    Anyway, I don’t recall Ash ever owning a Rock-type Pokemon before…

    • pokemon4ever

      well he did own a Larvitar for a while but apart from that, it’s his first Rock 😉

  • I know people are now indifferent twords ash catching all these Pokemon, but I’m loving how much Pokemon he is catching :D. I kinda hope he’ll get that Archen/Archeops too, but it seems to be the Pokemon of the day, but that’s just because Achen/Archeops is one of my favs from BW. X)

  • Artie

    Hey PJ, isn’t Munna one of your faves? I made a Munna wallpaper ^_^ thought you’d like it!

    • I love it! xD Thank you for letting me know!!

  • Anime previews are awesome! Nice idea. Roggenrola looks a lot better in the anime than in the games….especially when it’s releasing a beam of destruction from its face 🙂 haha how weird…

  • i just hop he doesn’t catch a tynamo or a lilpup

    • Peter

      It would be nice for Ash to get another electric type but Tynamo might be a Trip pokemon.

  • Yeah, I think that Roggenrola will pretty much be used for the Trip rivalry, I just hope that they have time to give all of Ash’s Pokemon development, I guess if some had to be shafted for the moment, it could be Tranquil and Swadloon.

  • Ludicolo

    I’m sorry to say this Paul but your site absolutely sucks now. It used to be really really great, one of the best Pokemon sites around, but it’s been declining for a while and now it’s only slightly above Pokebeach, according to a poll on Serebiiforums. :/ It’s a shame, I liked this site, but now…

  • hey ludicolo this site is the best and always will be but it still below bulbagarden since bulbagarden is huge

    • AdventureComicCreator

      Yep. You’re right.