Some fun changes are taking place over here at PJN which let our commentors do MORE with each other than just discuss back and forth.  I wanted to have a site that allowed a lot more user interaction and everything.  So this is the first step towards that realization!

Banner will get done tomorrow. Few other kinks to work out.  Too tired to go on x_x;  I do HIGHLY recommend you REGISTER if you want to be a part of our site.  Comments will never need a registered account though.  That is one of the key points to my belief in free speech on the internet, no accounts.  Extra features in our new site are worth signing up for though 🙂

Things I’m working on:

  • Comment replies indented
  • Drop-down menus re-enabled
  • If you can’t log in it means you must activate your account by clicking the link that’s sent to your email

<3 pokejungle

ps- First thing I’m doing after I walk up is put up a green theme.  Hmph.

  • 😀 I love how much this place is changing and growing and just staying alive really!

  • pokemon4ever

    what are the additional stuff if you register?… just curious 😉

    • pokejungle

      I’m switching over to some social networking type features :3 So each person has their own little profile here at pokejungle and users can send each other messages, update statuses,etc. I want it to be easier to find people online to trade and battle with for Black and White.

      • pokemon4ever

        sounds like a good idea… i will ponder the idea of joining and maybe join it 2morrow, on my birthday =D

        • pokemon4ever

          also, does anyone know when the second volume of the pokemon black and white strategy guide is gunna be released in the UK, preferably in Game, been checking every day but no results, don;t really wanna get it from Amazon, coz i get point with Game…???

          • Last I checked Amazon said today, so go check it. Could have changed though.

          • pokemon4ever

            which one is it on amazon because ther’s 2: one with ‘Pokemon’ written in the usual Pokemon font and 1 say ‘Pokemon’ in a ‘metallic-type’ font???… im confused =S

  • I’ve always wanted that for this site 🙂

  • I don’t like how you can not see who you replied to after you reply to someones comment, that makes some comments confusing…..

    • pokejungle

      Testing… I don’t see any problems :S

  • Well, seems weird right now…. But it sounds like it’s gonna revolutionise this place and be awesome!
    Imma go and click everything now :3

  • GoldStarz

    I like it.

  • I like it..:)

  • Jenny

    I love this layout. And yay for avatars. 😀 Good job on this layout. Haha also for some odd reason I like the heart you put next to “pokejungle”. :9

    • Yay, signed up now 😀

  • Wonderful layout, pokéjungle. Now I just cannot fathom what these achievements could be about. 😉

  • Pokejungle, i love the new site!!

  • Masquerain

    It won’t let me log in. I already registered. ;-;

  • This reminds me of like a Pokejungle Facebook… lol

  • Drop-down list doesn’t work ;____;


  • Yeah I made an account! 😀

  • Nuzamaki90

    I’m having a problem with the image uploader, it keeps saying only upload PNG images which are the ONLY IMAGES im uploading.

    • Masquerain

      That happened to me too. ;(

  • Typhlosion279

    This is awesome! 😀

    • Typhlosion279

      Hey, whenever I try to log in or view my profile, it just returns me to the home page without loving me in or whatever. Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just because I’m on here on my iPad?

      • Try checking your email and clicking the activation link xD

        I did the same thing.

  • This is awesome!!!!

  • sure why not

  • Facebook, meet Pokejungle.

    Pokejungle, meet Facebook.

    • BOB

      +1 for 3 reasons:
      1. Atlas from Portal 2
      2. Facebook + Pokéjungle
      3. Atlas from Portal 2

      • And I’m going to +1 you right back for +1-ing me for reasons 1 and 3.

  • a pokémon social network! genius!

  • Looking forward to achievements!

  • The drop down list for TEAM (Caps for effect) isn’t working 🙁

  • Looks cool, waiting for that green theme though.

  • Haha, this is Awesomesauce @admin

  • Me gusta 🙂


  • Hell yea this is epic man. To epic if you ask me?

  • This is awesome! Makes the site so much more appealing!

  • @admin you’ve already got some work to do! ;-;
    There are already bots posting around the site. ):

  • BOB

    Gonna make an account soon I guess. If I were to make a Pokemon B/W manga, which Pokemon of these should be the hero/heroine’s starter :
    – Petilil
    – Cottonee
    – Litwick
    – Deino
    – Klink
    Just type: @BOB and your answer to respond.

    • I think Cottonee, as long as the hero/heroine evolves it soon enough. Maybe it’s already evolved when the manga starts?

      • BOB

        Mmm, okay, I’ll try.The manga will take a while, but I’ll get it out there eventually…. let’s see… sun stone to evolve… let’s see what everyone else says. I like the idea of maybe a Cotonee/Petilil trainer, like in colluseum with espeon and umbreon.

    • miJ

      I’d say litwick. wouldn’t that be an AWESOME starter??

  • BOB

    Wait… ” Currently there are 4 other people who work for the site in addition to myself. They are:

    Kriffix [Translator, News Poster]
    Ozymandis [Translator, News Poster]
    NL [Translator, News Poster]
    Daigo [News Poster]
    Jonny [News Poster]”
    First you call them minions, then you say one of them aren’t human?! That’s a new level of low for you Pj. >:P No cookie for you!

  • BOB

    Poké… Jungle… Facebook. Facebook is a jungle so it’s the JungleBook (you know, the story we all know and love) put Poké before it… and Poof! (I miss that when you forget a move, now it’s ta-da) Pokéjungle forgot how to use [] and learned about PokéJungleBook!

  • wth

    hey pj, when I sign up for an account, it says I can only use lowercase letters and numbers in my username, but I was looking at other usernames of people who commented and some of them have uppercase letters…why will it not let me use an uppercase letter? It’s not a big deal, i’m just curious…

  • Looking good! Shame I couldn’t use “JP” as my username lol… damn you 4 character necessity!

  • Random Anon here! Dunno why I can’t have capital letters, but oh well.

    I’m excited to see what the future brings to PokeJungle!

  • Boarbeque

    Nice addition

  • Woah. Nice one, PJ ^_^ PS. It’s Lilliandil here.

  • Mariku

    I did this. A lot. Need to register<3

    • Mariku

      **DIG agh

  • YAAAAY~ \o/

  • nice. awesome. epic!!!

  • so far great site

  • just something i thought of, more profile information. Something like favorite pokemon, or something else you know? So others may know more about you because it is the “pokejunglebook” now. lol. Just a thought.

    • BOB

      Favorite Pokémon: [Insert 1 in 6 hundred some] … yeah, I don’t think that’ll work… Imgaine programming name and image og all the pokémon… ouch…
      ps You used my word! Yay!

      • i did not know that i used your word, lol. i meant like just typing the name and pj already has a sprites section so that is all good. Just throwing out my ideas. Loyal fan of PJN for almost a year now. Some might know me as ElColombiano, and i just wanted to help this amazing site become more amazing than any other pkmn site, which i think is in the top 5, for me #1 lol.

        • BOB

          Yeah, of course I know you, anyone who’s been a pj fan for a while knows you.

      • Maybe it would be a text box instead of a drop-down menu with sprites? Like, you could just make a list. :/

  • I’m loving this new Pokejungle Social Network. <3

  • …How does one “unlock” achievements? Clearly I’ve joined PJN, but I don’t have the achievement… o_O;

  • I love that you can visit a random user’s page. :3

  • dan

    Just saying… I’d tap.