First off, let’s all take a few deep breaths and try to get over the last two fake games.  OK.  Everyone ready to continue with legit pokemon news? The Pokémon Global Link site has updated announcing the availability of a Munna-themed C-Gear Skin. I know I want it! This skin, however, requires a code from a Nintendo guide.  Luckily, I’ll share it with you right here:


I’ll let you know when you can actually enter the code and download it. I’m getting sick of the regular C-Gear look myself 🙂

<3 pokejungle

  • Porygandrew


    Nintendo totally 1337-spake with that. PGL Dream? I don’t know whether to laugh or feel insulted! lol

    • pokejungle

      Nintendo wants to seem cool :p

  • Oza

    Seriously, I can’t believe that’s the best code they could come up with! Lame 😛
    Personally, I feel this skin is Ok, but one of the worst ones they’ve released. Main reason for that is – HEXAGONS. to heck with the damn hexagons, I want Stars and whatnot!!!!

    • CrazyChaos

      Tap the top of the touch screen where it say “C-Gear” then the Hex’s will change. They can my Stars, boxes, fireballs, and circles. ^_^

      • CrazyChaos

        oops type, I meant “be” not “my” ^^;

      • Random Anon

        And hearts! Don’t forget that they can be hearts! But I think that’s only for girls…

        • Random Anon

          Just checked my game, and girls get hearts, hexagons, bunny heads, twinkle shapes, and Hello Kitty bows.

          So now my C-Gear is awash in bunnies :3

        • pokejungle

          I want hearts 😐

      • Oza

        Oh my gods man, you just changed my life!!!!

  • Oshawott17

    thanks for the code PJ 😀

  • CrazyChaos

    Aren’t there multiple different codes? o_O Then again they never had multiple before, like with the PBR Magmortar…

    • CrazyChaos

      oh snap I just noticed what the code was…nvm! XD

  • Jenny

    Thank you very much for the code! I got a bit worried that I wasn’t gonna get the C-Gear, I thought it might be different codes for each person who buys the book. You made my day. <3

  • Adelaide

    Ha thanks for the (witty) code! I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get the skin. As much as I don’t really like it, the standard one sucks ass.

  • Shroomishy

    Where do you enter the code and when are the eeveelutions avaliable

    • Adelaide

      Neither of the answers to your questions is known at the moment xD

  • zenmaster_pfc

    I think the code’s cleverly thought of. It’s leet speak. Oh wait! Don’t tell me that Nintendo’s turning to a Jejemon!

  • GDK

    I totally prefer the badass looking Venusaur C-Gear skin.

  • Itsjustme

    Hey pokejungle, idk if you’re watching the pokemon b&w english anime, but they gave the title for an episode called “A Night In the Nacrene City Museum!” and idk if you noticed the Night at the museum reference but i find it awesome they did that.