The new issue of CoroCoro has been released, showing that the downloadable Victini (for the upcoming moves White Hero: Reshiram & Black Hero: Zekrom) will have its signature move, V-create, in addition to Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, and Searing Shot! Also there will be a new Victini C-Gear Skin released for download :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Enjoying the Pokemon Global Link?  😀  I put my Foongus into the Dream World, trying to redecorate my house :s  Thoughts on the new background of PJN?

  • David

    There was an event Arceus with Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Shadow Force back in DPP.

  • HikaruAyame

    I would LOVE to enjoy the Dream World. 😐 But I’m still waiting the FIVE MINUTES of registration time that’s up to about SEVENTEEN HOURS and five minutes. >.< Whyyyyyyyyyy……

    • pokemon4ever

      really, mine took about 3 secs (lil bit of an exaggeration… i tried and it said try again, closed it and tried again and it worked >.<)

      • Xander Hawkins

        I’m over 30 hours and no access to the Dream World. Its not letting everyone in for some reason.

        • iceballtrainer

          log out of it restart the ds then reloggin it should work give it 5 to 15 min

  • Hejiru

    Oh, I didn’t even notice there was a new background…

    I knew they’d release V-Create at some point, but I wasn’t expecting it to have Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare.

  • pokemon4ever

    can’t wait for the Uk release of this… just for the victini though 😉

    • iceballtrainer

      waiting for us release here man

  • Omg… That Victini is way too overpowered.
    PS. Sent my Liepard to the Dream World and got myself a Ponyta with Flame Body 🙂

    • pokemon4ever

      I wanna vulpix (Drought)—->Ninetales with:Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Psycoshock/Extrasensory,and somin else >.< talk about powerful!!!

      • OMG! Same! I want Drought Ninetales and the moveset you just listed is pretty much perfect! <333 Awww.

  • JingJing

    WOW those moves. Steroids much? lmao

    I’m loving PGL. I tucked my Gothorita in this morning, made friends with a Mareep and helped it find its Swablu friend. I also helped a Sentret make some ice cream (this sounds so bizarre when I type it out rofl).

  • Jenny

    I’m still waiting to get my Archeops tucked into the dream world. Says it ran out of energy last night when I accidentally shut the game off while it was trying to sync cause I had no wifi in my room. Went into the side to get a stronger signal and it counted it as a day even though I didn’t get a chance to do anything, guess that is what I get for being impatient v_v’. Can’t wait to play though. 😀

    I like the background, seems to give the page….I dunno if this is the right word, but depth? ^^’

  • Seress

    ANOTHER Victini? I just want one of the 3 events (Meloetta, Keldio, and Genesect). Still, that’s a really powerful Victini!

  • I just tucked in my Victini! In about 5 minutes, I will be able to start playing in his dream! 😀

    • Random Anon

      Good luck, I’ve been waiting for 20+ hours and am still getting the “Five minutes!” message…

      Damn it Fennel, why must you give me such evil news with such a cute face! D:<

      • Cute face? Anyway, I already played! I only waited 2 minutes! LOL

        • Random Anon

          Wow, lucky!~ :3 I hope I get some of your luck soon…

          And I’m a total Fennel-fangirl! I think she’s adorable~ <3

  • Rocky505

    Victini’s will be using Fusion Bolt over Wild Bolt for a physical set now!

  • Yay for Victini! Can’t wait! I think I found a way to cheat the system for the Dream World! If it works, I will post it here for everyone to have loads of fun!

    • I am an evil mastermind! ROFL!!! It worked! I cheated the system! I set my clock on both my computer AND my DS, so it seems like I didn’t play for 24 hours! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      • Spoke to soon! It works for the computer part, but unfortunatly, the DS is to smart! You would have to leave a pokemon in the Dream World to make this work.

  • pokemon4ever
    if u guys like pokemon movies… chekc this out 😛
    -pikachu cries….. :'(