Thanks to PJN reader Aeonin we have a full summary of the mall tour PLUS awesome full scans of the pamphlet and also of some merch and pokemon items/prizes.  I know many of you won’t be able to make it to a tour destination because there are 50 states and not as many stops, but hopefully this will ease your pain a little bit.  The only new thing we learned is that when you play on the EntraLink (High Link) you can help friends with Pass Powers, which were formally “deru power”.  I would assume that the item ‘deru ball’ will now be ‘pass ball’ or something similar.  Without further ado, the write up:

UPD: More info from mall… This time from the demo. Shell Blade is now “Razor Shell“, Grass Mixer is now “Leaf Tornado“, while Nitro Charge was localized as “Flame Charge“, and finally PJN staff correctly named Incinerate, which is what the move is called in English (destroys opponent’s held berry). Dragon Spiral Tower is now Dragonspiral Tower. Allegedly the main characters names are Blair and Whitlea (Black and White respectively). Thanks for the tip tyrannotaur!

The idea of the tour is to receive all 5 stamps from the stations spread throughout the mall (as seen on page 1). Once all the stamps were found, you could go to the activity zone and spin a wheel for a prize. Available prizes were as follows: A small plushie of one of the starters (choice), a phone charm (basically three hexagons attached to each other with the one starter in each… the shape was like three of the stamps connected together), a stylus (got whichever one the wheel landed on, i.e. my brother landed on a Snivy stylus), and iron-on patches of the starters (as seen in the images above). Pages 3-4 basically give all the information on what each station is like, but it does leave out how crowded and riddled with children it is…

It was pretty cool overall.  There were people in costume as their favorite characters and it was nice to battle some people locally who knew what they were doing. Oh yeah, the Pokemon Center! This was basically a shop with some pokemon merchandise. The plushies included 6″ Zorua, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, and Pikachu for $10.00 each and 12″ Reshiram and Zekrom for $20.00 each. Shirts ranged from sizes S-XL and looked like the one attached, but come in white as well. T-shirt designs were all similar with choices of Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pikachu, Reshiram, and Zekrom for $20.00. There were also little plastic figures which I didn’t get the prices for, but were 2″-5″ (estimate).

Thanks Aeonin!  😀  Hope to hear impressions from more of my readers as they go.  Who already knows if they are or aren’t going?  I know I won’t be 🙁  Sorry all~

<3 pokejungle

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  • Onion

    Damn, Australia doesn’t have anything like this 🙁

    And first! 🙂

    • Onion

      Or not 🙁

  • tyrannotaur
    May wanna ask the guy who put them up if you can post them on the main page, I dunno how that works.
    Found these Videos through Serebii Forums.
    Shell Blade is now Razor Shell, Grass Mixer is Leaf Tornado, Nitro Charge is Flame Charge, Dragon Spiral Tower is Dragonspiral Tower, Black is Blair, and White is Whitlea.

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    No Oregon love is fail!!

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      Yeah! The one at the Southcenter mall!

  • Imoru Imiti

    I have not seen this much pokemon game promotion since well Gold and Silver versions. They were totally worth the hype back then. Blair and Whitlea for the main charaters? My first guess was Blake and Willow. Dragonspiral is one word.
    I hope they come to a reasonalble solution to the whole one hour per day use of the dream world. I have a suggestion, perhaps they can have several mock websites instead of one.

  • Anon

    So, do we know the names of the playable trainers yet?

    • pokejungle

      Allegedly they’re Blair and Whitlea

      • Anon

        Oh, thanks. I like Blair, though I prefer it as a girl’s name. Not sure I like Whitlea or not, yet…

        • pokejungle

          It’s such a weird name I’m hesitant about whether or not it’s official or was just a name on the demo :s

          • Wheel

            Whitlea? Jesus Christ. So many names related to “white” they could use… Gwen, Blanche, Blanca, Alba, and they come with “Whitlea”? Poor girl.

            The boy’s supposed name is ok, I guess. Well, it’s kinda girly for me, but it works (Nigel or Blake would have been better).

      • Marianne

        Oh. Oh look. It’s Clair and Whitney’s evil twin sisters. Blair and Whitlea…*has a heart-attack*

  • Adamotoro

    Does anyone know if there is a tour like this for the UK?
    I’ve heard stuff about something in Westfield but, I would be greatful if anyone could clarify.
    Thanks! 🙂

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      Yeah Westfield will be doing one. Not sure when.

  • Lilliandil

    I guessed Blair correctly…i had it for White though >.< and Whitelea is just so unoriginal.

  • Uyi

    Blair and Whitlea ain’t half bad. I like how Whitlea isn’t a real name and they created it. Whitlea, name of future daughter perhaps? xD

    • Wheel

      In fact, Whitlea IS a real name. Rare, but real. I just thought that they wouldn’t use such a hideous name…

      • Marianne

        Agreed. It does not fit either. Leaf, Kris, Lyra, May, Dawn…Whitlea? O_o

        • HikaruAyame

          To be fair, several of those were nouns in Japanese. Misty was Kasumi (Mist), May was Haruka (Spring Flower), Dawn was Hikari (Light).

          Touko, though, is very…. unusual. ‘Ko’ is a very common female name ending, literally meaning ‘little’.

          ‘Tou’, though, could mean sword, winter, east, street, answer, throw, beans, island, climb, lamp, bath, to name just some. It would depend entirely on what kanji was used, and to my knowledge the name has ever only been written in katakana. Katakana means there’s no hint of the actual meaning, it’s just phonetic. So they really didn’t have a whole lot to work with.

          • Marianne

            Excellent point, sis. I’m gonna rate you up right after I post this. 😀

            That being said, they could have went with a much more shorter and simple name than that. Remember the original female character from Johto namely „Kris”? She’s actually Crystal/Kurisutaru, but the GBC couldn’t handle the awesomeness of her name, so she became Kris/Kurisu.

            Anyways, just because we saw them named as Blair and Whitlea, it does not mean that they really are named as that. Keep in mind how Lyra was named Heart and Soul before we got to know her real name.

  • =|

    I’m the only one who is pissed off cause Shell Blade is now Razor Shell?! Im sad… 😐

    • pokejungle

      Personally I didn’t think it was a bad translation at all :s ‘Shell Blade’ is pretty natural in English as well though.

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    $20.00 T-Shirts!? I can wait until May at that point!

  • ZekromThunder

    But, that Snivy Stylus looks cool, I wish I could go there, but the closest one to me is like 3 hours, and it’s on the DAY BEFORE POKENON BLACK AND WHITE COMES ON UGH! Anyways, can’t wait until Black And White, it’s only 1 month/ 28 days/ 4 weeks away!

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    is there anything like this happening in florida?cause i heard there is one in jacksonville,or somewhere around there,but i dont know exactly,and i dont know the date.please let me know,it would be nice 🙂

    also,that snivy stylish looks sooo cool 🙂

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    I’m going! This is gonna be my first conventention type thing. And on another topic, I think they are over using the word razor. (razor leaf, razor wind, razor claw I think is an item name, and now razor shell -_-)

    • Itsjustme

      oh and razor fang

  • Belmad

    Nuvema Town: Nuvem means cloud in Portuguese
    Striaton City: Striation clouds
    Nacrene City: Nacreous clouds are also known as mother of pearl
    Castelia City: Castellanus clouds display multiple towers arising from its top
    Nimbasa City: Nimbus clouds are rain clouds
    Undella Town: Undulatus clouds are wavy
    Lacunosa Town: Lacunosus clouds have honey comb pattern
    Opelucid City: Opacus clouds;comes from opaque and Perlucidus or Translucidus clouds; both come from transparent
    Icirrus City: Cirrus clouds are full of ice crystals
    Mistralton City: Mistral Wind and alto means high

    Undella Town is Sazanami Town, sazanami means ripple and undulatus is a wavy cloud.
    Lacunosa Town is Kagome Town, kagome lattice is a trihexagonal shape just like lacunosus comes from honey comb pattern.
    Mistralton City is Fukiyose City, they both related to winds.
    Icirrus City is Sekka City,they both related to ice.
    Opelucid City is Souryuu City, Opelucid contrasts with opaque and transparent words just like the city’s concept.

    • Belmad

      I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.

  • PD

    Blair? Isn’t that a girl name?! o_O

    • Sponge

      It can be a guys name too.

    • HikaruAyame

      It’s kinda like Skyler. The name is supposed to be unisex, but it tends toward female.

  • Paukoyao

    Blar being a girl’s name? Never happened here. Maybe its just Hawaii…

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  • Ria

    Whitlea’s kinda growing on me. Anyone have any ideas how to pronounce it? If it’s Whit (as in Whitney)-lia. I love it so hard.

    White-lia is way too forced, man.

    • HikaruAyame

      Probably Whit-LEE so it rhymes with Whitney.

  • Jenny

    I got so excited when I saw Philadelphia, PA. But I live a good couple hours away from there so no one will take me. Maybe my brother would since he loves Pokemon, but I doubt it. I want a Oshawott plushie so bad. ;A;
    I’m so jealous to anyone who goes to this. XD

  • Legend

    Awwwww…Shell Blade sounds so much cooler than Razor Shell :\
    Oh well, at least the tour is in seattle, gonna go there later 😀

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    Definately going to the San Jose one with a friend xD Hope it’s as fun as you make it sound like xD

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      oh hey me too!

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    This is REALLY off topic, but I REALLY need to know, if i trade in my DSi xl for a 3DS, how much would the 3DS cost?

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      In the US it’s $250.00 😮

  • Kat

    When I saw it was going to be in Arcadia, I totally squealed. At like, 2 in the morning (which resulted in me getting a “SHUT UP” from my mom). And Whitlea’s a cute (albeit unusual) name.

  • I hate not living near enough to a big city to go to these things. It’s not that big a deal, but I would like a chance one time…hahaha

  • ZoruaFan

    I want to go but I hate the fact that the games will be out for almost TWO weeks before it comes to Arizona. 😐

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    Trust me. Whitlea IS a real name. I know because it is said in my like favourite song “Itty Bitty Piggy” by Nicki Minaj :3

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    Love those starter patches.

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    Wooot…I got my a snivy shirt and a zorua plushie today 🙂

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    Does the convention begin as soon as the mall opens? Because the official site does not give me set times…

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    It’s not worth it for me, i’ll have already gotten the game, and it’s two hours away, and there’s no way my parents would drive 2 hours for me to go to a mall to hang out there for about 1 hour.

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    Can I have the snivy stylus? No, seriously, I’ve checked amazon and ebay and can’t find it anywhere! >:|