Nothing all that post-worthy butttt

  • Feeling Check keeps it’s name
  • All Global Link related things keep their names (i.e Dream World, Random Match Up etc..)

They also gave us a lot of images, one of them being Victini’s English dex info

Ground breaking, I know I know. But Cartoon Network has also updated with a preview clip (for people outside the US, watch it on YouTube) of the Pokemon Black and White anime! The clip is Ash in Prof. Juniper’s lab with Shooti meeting the three starters for the very first time. Ash keeps his original voice actor and Juniper is now played by the girl who voiced Dawn.

My personal opinion as a otaku: I’m kinda hating the English Pokemon cries in the scene. Oshawott’s remains kinda cute, but Tepig and Snivy…Tepig sounds like a sick child, whereas they took the sexy Snivy cry and made it sound like, like…I can’t even describe it. It’s usual “I don’t give a crap, Imma rape chu’s” attitude is replaced with a creepy “derpderpderp Imma rape chu’s”. It’s cringe worthy. And like previous seasons of English Dub, the pace at which the characters talk is fast and they say the weirdest things. But besdies that, I rather like Prof. Juniper’s voice. 🙂 I’m just hoping they don’t ruin Cilan… ;__; Anyways, comment below with your opinions!

peace and love — ozymandis

  • Shamose

    Completely off topic, but am I the only one who hates the new banner? Sewaddle? seriously?. I vote for the minimalist themed Snivy back

    • ozymandis

      ahaha I hated it first as well, but it’s grown on me. 😛
      Back when we put up the Snivy layout I hated it for like weeks but now I can’t stand to watch it go. ;__;

    • Terra

      Sewaddle is one of the best new Pokemon in Gen 5. That’s why the banner fits. Goes well with the Green theme.

  • Winged Kuriboh

    Yay, it’s Victini’s White(?) dex info! ;D After all, it’s pretty much the direct translation…

    Seriously? They ruined SNIVY’S voice? Dammit, CN must love Oshawott so much xD

    • ozymandis

      Well Oshawott is the new Piplup. :l
      So they kinda have to put all there effort into the thing.

      • PD

        I hated Piplup, but I love Oshawott…

        • BOB

          Okay, heard the clip and, even if you HADN’T told me, I would of realized that Juniper is Dawn’s VA. And snivy? NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! At least it’s shooti’s. >:3

  • they seem to have forgotten to update the dutch site -______-

  • Wessel

    Can’t watch the sneak peek! I live in Holland 🙁

    • Sponge

      Watch it on youtube

      • Wessel

        Ooooh didn’t know it was on youtubeee.

  • RunDoubleRun

    Can someone upload this to YouTube so all the non-America viewers can see it?

  • Adelaide

    worst quote:
    “that’s a fire type! nice and fiery!”
    no shit..

    • ozymamdis

      That’s exactly what I was referring to when I said that they say weird things. 😡

  • Sponge

    I like Tepig & Oshawott’s english cries….

    Snivy’s cry just does not suit it though, at all. It’s voice doesn’t sound regal at all….or elegant or anything.

    • masterm

      but mijumaru is the best cry
      miju miju

      • BOB

        I knew it was gonna sound like that. It’s PIPLUP for god’s sake… geez…

  • M

    you’re right, Tepig has a cold and Snivy sounds kinda weird

  • Platygeist

    Ozy, did you notice that they have both Dex entries on the website? I mentioned it in my post from the last topic :3

    • ozymamdis

      These days I’ve been going to the official site before I do anything else, so after I posted it I actually saw your comment. 😛

  • Mew-the original

    Anyone have a link for it? I can’t find any English previews.

  • Mew-the original

    Found it!

    My god. I’m not watching the dub with these horrible voices.

  • masterm

    maybe only shooti’s snivy has this cry becuase its a male and ash’s will have a “sexier” one

    • mike85

      I was thinking the same thing, since Ash gets a female Snivy.

    • ozymamdis

      I was thinking the same thing, so I went back and listened to the Japanese version and Ash’s and Shooti’s Snivys sound the same with just a slightly higher voice for Ash’s.
      So it’ll probably sound the same just a higher tone of voice.
      So it could go either way depending if they redo the voice completely or just change the tone. I hope TO GOD that they don’t mess up the sexy Snivy voice. ;__;

  • vchu

    Ugh. These voices are absolutely cringe worthy. Why does TPCi choose these horrid voices? Juniper sounds okay I guess…but Ash still has a voice that grates my ears, and I’m willing to bet that the rest of the cast will have exaggerated/ear-grating voices too. At least with 4Kids the voices sounded relatively normal.

  • sam

    If you want to watch the first six minutes of the English Black/White, go right ahead.

  • those voices and the writing are turr-ble. just turr-ble. i’m sticking with watching raw and subbed episodes.

  • Elrond

    Uggggggggh. I refuse to watch BW in English. Sorry, but I’ll stick to Japanese with English subs. The Japanese voices are absolutely perfect for every character. The English ones…. just suck.

    • skittles

      seriously? just because of the voices? dumbass…..

  • Terra

    Pretty upset Shooti didn’t speak in this clip.

  • David

    ……I’m officially not watching the anime…..

  • ChicolombiA

    listen to the video. After tepigs cry, there is a very faint oink.

  • romeothepirate

    Oshawott sounds cute – WAY better than Piplup.
    Tepig, I think, sounds the cutest. And Snivy (whom I don’t really care for) sounds exactly as I anticipated. Keep in mind this is a male Snivy and Ash’s will be female.

    Overall, these dub voices are leaps and bounds better than the Sinnoh starters’ were.

    • BOB

      *hi-fives you* no kidding. Plus, I hate people going, and I quote, “I hate the VA, I’m not watching it.” Umm, hello? They are THE SAME VA AS D/P/PL, and that show was aweful. I hate Juniper’s voice though, they didn’t even try…

  • Peter

    Yeah I agree I’m NOT feeling these voices really at all.
    Then again the Snivy in this group couldn’t be the same voice as Ash’s female Snivy.