Europe will get the “Liberty Pass” via WiFi download starting March 4th and lasting until April 22nd.  No American details were present, though we can all hope that it will also be a WiFi event and not an annoying GameStop/Toys ‘R Us promotion.

Also; Black & White Anime will premier on Cartoon Network on Feb 12th with the first two episodes.  If you’re really interested in watching the anime I suggest finding a well translated fansub personally.  ;D

<3 pokejungle

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  • First! Also, if it’s a gamestop/toys r us, I’d be soo mad. I’ve missed all the crown beasts save Suicune because the time it takes to go out to the Gamestop is to great of an inconvenience.

  • Barry

    I’ve already seen the first episodes of Best wishes/ Black and white….so I’m good!
    As for the promotion….Yeah I’d perfer wifi. I don’t live anywhere near a toysrus.

    I wan’t the celebi xP The one that takes you back and time and lets you own giovanni.

    • Keyblader Jahu

      That’s sometime in February–Gamestop again. *eyeroll*

  • UltraKcp

    I REALLY hope that it won’t be a Toys ‘R us event. They took down the only one in the area for a Halloween store that only stayed for a couple of weeks 🙁 I’ve been watching the anime but only for the Gym leaders and Team Rocket. I was shocked at how cool they’ve gotten now.

    • ozymandis

      I KNOW. O_O
      It’s so weird how BAMF they are now.
      I really miss their “WE’RE BLASTING OFF AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” thing though. ;__;

      • BOB

        Didn’t they say “we’re blasting off!” in the first episode?

  • Wartirtle

    I hope it’s not wifi cuz my ds can’t connect to wifi and I have a gamestop 5 minutes from my house!

  • Also my iPod epically failed on my name

  • sam

    Knowing TPCI they will take out 70-80% of the music in Black and White (even if most of it is remixed music from the Black and White games). I could care less about the voice actors and their quality; the music is much more integral to the experience.

    Of course, knowing that fansubs and anything of that nature are considered “illegal” and ShoPro will do anything to protect their rights/assets, most people have no choice but to watch the dub.

    I am more curious as to what Iris and Shooti will be called. Shooti will appear in the first episode so we get a rival out of the way early.

    And now with Victini, hopefully it is a WiFi event (not something from Toys R Us or Gamestop).

    • BOB

      Iris isn’t a japanese name… -__- and shooti… uhh… no clue.

      Have you noticed that the Japanese sounding name, Cheren, stayed, but the completely American name, Belle, was changed? -__-

      ps. I love the bw music (both anime and game), excspecially the team plasma theme…
      dah duh dah duh dah duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh duh duh.

  • steven

    gamestop for i dont understand the wifi

    • Daedardus

      What’s wrong with wi-fi? There are more open networks in a city than gamestops in that state.

  • Jelly442

    I cant wait for the Anime! Its coming out on my Birthday :).

    • Sazando

      Happy early birthday! n_n

  • Gerudo_Prince

    Does Europe = Australia? Usually it is, but who knows who we’ll be grouped with in 5th gen….

  • MegaMew

    I like the Gamestop events….my DS can’t get Wi-Fi in my house and the people who work at my local Gamestop are cool.

    • Sazando

      My gamestop has pimply nerds who stare at everyone who walks in… >_>
      lol jk