I was really debating whether to post this news or not because, for almost all of you, it won’t matter.  Darkrai will be given out in a select few shops across Japan starting two days after Christmas (December 27th).  This is not a WiFi download. The reason I decide to post this is that I will try to pick it up.  PJN has be avidly collecting BW downloads so that we can do a giveaway as soon as BW launches in the US & Europe :3

Enjoy your Friday~ this is gonna be my last weekend in the US for awhile 🙁  I leave on Tuesday!  Sadly this Darkrai is being given away at the Haneda airport, but I’ll be arriving at Narita :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- What winter holiday do YOU celebrate?  Or do you not?  :]  All this talk of Christmas here has made me curious.  I celebrate Xmas as a secular holiday because I’m not religious, but I don’t want people to feel like this site only caters to one holiday 😡

  • Kryzz

    Means a Darkrai event for Europe can’t be too far away right? I still haven’t got a ‘legitimate’ one

    • pokejungle

      This is for Black and White so it’s still probably a distance off :p

  • Smitje

    Hey on your PS, I have celebrated Sinterklaas in the Netherlands.

    • pokejungle

      I’m gonna have to look that up on the Wikipedia 😮

  • Lucifer

    Yay! Darkrai event! (In Japan 🙁 )
    Oh, and Yule FTW. I’m personally an atheist, but you can’t turn down really strong wine and dancing naked in a forest… Though we never get invited to the covens “dancing naked” parties. 🙁

  • Mechanos

    I actually celebrate Christmas even as an atheist, but hey, free stuff is fun.

  • TimDrake

    My family and I celebrate religious Christmas.

  • Kevvo

    we cant download him at toysr’us in USA on a japanese BW?

    • NL

      No, it’s not a Wi-Fi event.

  • Soloiceowl

    Good luck in Japan PJ. And to answer the question; I celebrate Hanukkah 🙂

  • ElColombiano

    I celebrate christmas. LOL All i want for christmas is an oshawott……….. SANTA!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  • Huggableplum

    Winter Solstice… It is christmas, has the trees and lame songs, and is atheist…

  • mrbojingles

    I’m a secular Christmas celebrator.

    Good luck in Japan PJ – remember to stay in touch! <3

  • Dormol

    Well, I am also celebrating Hannukah.
    I wish it was a worldwide download! XO

  • FleZ

    You’ll be leaving already? Oh, i hope you have a wonderful trip then. as for the ps, my family celebrates religious christmas, i join them in a secular way though.

    • pokejungle

      That probably describes my situation as well :]

  • moheb chebbi

    cavolo io adoro darkrai

  • moheb chebbi