I’m only posting this because NL got us involved updating movie news for this one :p  Also posting for fun~

UPD: New HQ vid added, originally from… To be honest it makes the movie look more interesting now that I can see the trailer in better quality :]

<3 pokejungle

ps- Apparently on your birthday you will receive a TOGEKISS from PGL (Pokemon Global Link, online component to BW) that you can transfer to your B/W game card.  Not big news, but no other site has mentioned it yet.

  • futachimaru ftw


    • futachimaru ftw

      zekrom and victini looks completely badass in this vid!! wow im excited now

    • Tackman

      PokeJungle isn’t a very busy website, so being the first to comment isn’t impressive by any means.
      And even if PokeJungle was a busy website with people posting comments each five seconds, being the first to comment won’t get you admiration from others. It is childish and brings nothing good to anyone.

      If posting “lol I’m first! Look at me!” is too strong for you, then at least try to include something constructive to your comment instead of replying to your “first” comment.

      I’m only saying this because I like PokeJungle and I’m interested in people’s opinions about the articles and I’d rather not have to scroll through useless comments.

      • pokejungle

        A few people still come here… *sniff*

        • Unlucky

          Just saying that, together with NF, this is the first tab I open when I get into a computer. It’s small, but it has fast, quality news, great articles and a friendly, humble admin :3 (and fellow grass loyalist), which, sadly, can’t be said about the others Pokémon News sites.

          • pokejungle

            <3 Thank you x3

      • ElColombiano

        Your not a busy website. Your not impressive either. POKEJUNGLE is too strong for you. Your girlfriend also said your childish. Just keep hating that your never first in your life. What you posted was a “stupid comment”
        Quotes by: Tackman

        LOL and yea the movie looks amazing now that i saw more of the trailer!!!!

  • Marko Kurosaki

    ^^Who care’s if your first!!
    Anywho Yea looks awesome hope’s its diffrent from the last 4 movies cos they were’t that good
    Hope Keldeo is in this movie cos its my fav 5Gen Pkmn mainly cos it reminds me of a rainbow xD

  • DnA

    This looks awesome!!

  • DnA

    Victini sounds like it´s saying happiny XD

  • paipr_christian

    whats PGL? is it in the game? cause a free togekiss is awesome, hope it is or can be female

    • Broaddy

      I’d also like to know what PGL is.

    • pokejungle

      Pokemon Global Link, online component to BW

  • olivertwist

    Interesting trailer ^^ I don’t think I saw Reshiram in the video at all so is it safe to assume that Zekrom is the black hero? Also, Ash’s new outfit looks cool!

    • futachimaru ftw

      reshiram is in the trailer it was being attacked by zekroms thunder type attack (surronded by blue thing…)

      • futachimaru ftw

        never mind that is zekrom…and you see ash looking at it before his close up

  • Barry

    My birthday isnt for a long long long time : ( No togekiss for me…………EEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • PickinTsutaaja

    omigos omigod!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still dont know about Zekrom being the black hero…What am I saying of course he is!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S-Pj u said something about Kerudio in this movie?

    • PickinSnivy

      Sorry I forget 2 change my name 2 Pickin Snivy!

    • pokejungle

      Nah, other sites think it will

      • Because it will

        They always show the movie with other legends in December then in February add the final Pokémon. Plus, the preview today had the poster and next to the poster asked “Who is the black hero?” indicating that it’s not Zekrom.

        It will be Kerudio. Mark my words.

        • barry

          Im not marking anything of yours D :

        • BOB

          kerudio is not black, and personally I think that the black hero is controlling Zekrom, and geez, you think you’re right, it’s so rude to correct people if you don’t even know.

          • BOB

            p.s. you took down, scared much?

          • pokejungle

            Actually you just forgot the . in joe10.jpg xD He still has it up

          • The use of the term Black in the title is not in reference to the colour but more a metaphorical use.
            Also, I do know. It is blatantly and glaringly obvious.
            Plus, why do people care so much about those pictures of me?

      • Darak

        Even so, it would be a first to have TWO event legendaries in one movie. If memory serves correctly, it hasn’t happened as of yet. Not that that’s a bad thing…

        • Victini has already been given away. The giveaway for it with the movie matches the Spiky-Eared Pichu, Shiny Beasts, Regigigas and Deoxys of the past four movies

  • mike85

    Wow the new higher definition one helps a mil, I wonder how many movies they’ll make with these new gen.

  • PD

    See me! I’m number 10!! 😀

  • BOB

    As soon as I saw this trailer I realized that I had to see this movie. I might have a website…yeah. When it’s ready it will be called home to the legendary crystal onix, rocky. Zekrom FTW!!!!

  • BOB

    who is keludio?
    i can’t remember, I checked the pokedex and can’t find it. 😛

    • BOB

      the 5th gen pokedex

      • BOB

        so, If anyone thinks that victini needs it’s own game than tell me. I already have a name for it. Pokemon Scarlet version.

        • futachimaru ftw

          but victini is orange not scarlet….

          • BOB

            true, but if you called it pokemon orange than people might take it as the orange islands, therefor scarlet will have to do. p.s. who wants a tree musketeers pokemon movie next, I know I do. A name: Pokemon Best Wishes: Kerudio and the three musketeers?

        • JKT17

          i would love that because victini is AWESOME

    • Sab_Mas

      Might need to search for Kerudio or Keldio depending on which site you’re using.

  • My thought is the next movie will be between reshiram and the water horse ( name slips my mind >:( )

  • JKT17

    it looks great. and like other people said hopefully its better than the last 4 although i still havent been able to see the zoroark movie yet.

  • Well, Serebii and many others havesaid that they believe Keldeo will be “The Dark Hero”. But now Serebii reports that the event with this movie will be a Victini give away (different to the Liberty Island one).
    This gives me confidence that Keldeo with not appear in this movie, but in the next one (being the next event legendary) with it’s musketeer family.

    Still interested in how Zekrom will be portrayed as a hero (to be literal).

  • This trailer reminds me of Revelation Lugia… I know there’s nothing similar there but it just does XD Second movie ftw <33

  • Uyi

    At least we’ll get an explanation as to why it’s #000

  • This might sound stupid, but could the Black Hero be a human? Like a character similar to N maybe. By “Black” they could mean like his motives and actions are dark or evil, but he thinks he is doing the right thing and being a hero. 😛

  • TheFreak

    Victini in this movie looks like either astro boy or the powerpuff girls from the way he moves
    Zekrom is animated?? Is that gonna be like that in the movie??