Sadly we have no more information than this right now.  Make SURE to check back on Monday as we’ll have the information FIRST ;D

<3 pokejungle

ps- In the comments please GUESS THE ENGLISH NAMES!  Winner, if there is one, will get congratulated when the official names are revealed. </lame prize>

  • JKT17

    my english name guesses
    oh and 1st !!

  • Shanestar

    Grass – Royaleaf
    Water – Wotter
    Fire – Piglite

    • JKT17

      love the name royaleaf defiantly better than mine xD

  • Dan

    I REALLY hope they picked “Smugleaf”

    • farhan

      smugleaf luks damn boring

  • samm

    I REALLY hope it isn’t Smugleaf, Wotter, or Piglit. Anything BUT THEM!

  • Kitkat

    when i look at the sillouetes i realise how much better they could’ve actually been

  • Moonatic

    Come on guys be creative

  • Belmad



  • CastleRock

    Grass-Smugleaf. There’s no way they can ignore the fandom of the name.
    Fire-Piglite. It’s… Creative enough for us…
    Water-Wotter. It’s too good to pass up. But it could be something weird like Mijumaru. Who knows!

  • SpencerFellman

    YOU NINKAPOOP, These are the english names.

    and Daikenki=Shellurai
    THERE!!! >: (

    • CastleRock

      I like your names, but I’m thinking that Snalord sounds like it would be a snail… And I think there should be a Boarbeque!! 😀

  • grass starter line: snaine, viner, vineking
    fire starter line: pyrog, heraboar, entelaflame
    water starter line: shelotter, swordtter, bladotter

    • matthew

      most creative ones ive heard

    • you can see too easily of which words the names are made of.

      • Waz

        Bladotter reminds me too much of bladder.

    • farhan

      creative but they doesnt look like english names

  • katreborn24

    god I hope most of these aren’t real.

    FTW Smugleaf though, it rawks.

  • Kitkat

    i would say:


    Oinking( oink king 🙂 )

    know idea

  • Hejiru

    It’s be totally epic if Tsutarja really is called Smugleaf, since its a bit of a mini-meme.

    Wotter, however, I would vote against.

  • Keyblader Jahu

    We already have the English names for two Pokémon, let’s not forget: Reshiram and Zekrom. 😛
    However, I AM interested in seeing what TPC is gonna give us for the starters… *strokes imaginary beard*


    • Happy

      I think Emonga’s confirmed for english too, or at least a variation on it, simply because the Pikaclones all keep their romanised names. :3 Zorua/Zoroark too, I should think.

  • Super Cool Rattata

    I prefer Pignite>Blazerback>Emboar for the Fire starter’s line.

    I believe the third stage’s Japanese name is actually Romanicized as Emboar.

    As for the other two starters, no clue.

    • woogooru

      Very creative.

  • My ideas:

    Tsutarja – Leafain or maybe Leavain (Leaf+Vain), also, Egoleaf

    Pokabu – Pyroink or Firoink (Pyro/Fire+Oink…..Also, for Chaoboo, I was thinking Sumog (Sumo+Hog)

    Mijumaru – Tottler : P

    • Scratch Pyroink someone already said it 🙁

  • Marshmallow

    Tsutarja: Sneaf, Snass, Snivy.
    Pokabu: Pignit, Burpig, Litpig.
    Mijumaru: Cottler, Wotter, Cuttler.

  • Akki

    If they picked Smugleaf, I will legitimately commit seppuku. That is THE stupidest fan name in the universe. On Monday I will post if I am in need of a second or not.

    • Mariku

      I volunteer to be your second, and I shall follow you shortly after.

      • Akki

        Thank you kindly. However, one can hope that the official translators aren’t as dumb as the internet. Smugleaf will hopefully just live on as a terrible meme.

        …also not that big a fan of “Wotter”…doesn’t really have a ring…but that’s a story for another time.

        • kslafjsdlk

          You really don’t like the name Smugleaf, huh?

          • Akki

            No. I don’t. I didn’t have a problem with it until everyone and their mom started saying it. I honestly don’t even know WHY I have it so much, I just do. It’s probably because that stereotypes Tsutaaja to always be “smug”. Also that the name “Tsutaaja” has to do with vines and snakes, where as the fan name just has to do with an assumed emotion the first piece of artwork seemed to show.

            tl;dr version- I’m just aggro.

  • Darkcalibur1

    Tsutarja – Smugvine, Grinleaf
    Janovy- Ivyper
    Jalorda- Imperivper (imperial)
    Pokabu- Pignite
    Chaobuu- Wrassloar (i hope not)
    Enbuo- Boarbeque
    Mijumaru- wotter, totter (tot)
    Futachimaru- cutotter, Katotter (katana)
    Denkenki- samiotter (LOL)

    let me know what you think guyssssssssssssss

  • shinimapokemon

    You guys are stupid……………..

    • woogooru

      Try reading mine! But you are right, those names aren’t creative at all…Read mine!!!

      • Happy

        +1 for the subtle advertising.

        • woogooru


  • Missingno. Master

    Tsutarja: Slithervy
    Pokabu: Boarbeque
    Mijumaru: Shelmurai

  • Sazando007

    tsutarja = Aristoleaf (aristocrat + leaf), Snivy (snake + ivy)
    pokabu = Hognite (hog + ignite), Pyroink (pyro + oink)
    mijumaru = Otturf (otter + surf + turf [ as in “this is my turf, punk!”])

  • woogooru

    Stutarja-Viperdil (viper+daffodil)
    Pokabu-Bombie (bomb)
    Mijumaru-Blador (blade+otter)

  • Ryan Stardust

    Hmmmm… I don’t really know.. will they go off the names people have already been giving them?

    Tsutarja- Smugleaf.. I couldn’t think of anything else >.>
    Pokabu- Pokabu 😛 It’s a great name IMO
    Mijumaru- Wotter I guess… I’d love it to be Mijumaru still XD

  • Happy


    Confirmed for canon, sorry everybody

    • Hejiru


      Lunchalibre is 11 letters. :p

      • Happy

        HOLD IT!

        Don’t worry, lmaooo, I am totally aware. I mean ‘Fleur-de-hiss’ has hyphens in it.

        • Freezecube

          Ho-Oh does too.

          thats all that needs to be said on the matter.

          • Happy



  • Ai

    Mijumaru- Scallup (Play on words of Scallop, mixture of Scallop and Pup, the name given to otter newborns.)
    Futachimaru- Lutrain (Lutra, the scientific name for otter, and train, as in to train. He’s also listed as the training pokemon)
    Daikenki- Seamurai (lol, easy name)
    Tsutarja- I like Snivy (snide and ivy)
    Janovii- I have no idea ^^
    Jalorda- Majestleaf or Grajesty. But, Serpenking (Serpent and King, but also a play on words of the word Serpentine)
    Pokabu- Nostroink (either a combination of Nostril and Oink, or Nos and Oink, Nos referencing how he’s able to up his speed with Nitro charge)
    Choabuu- Emboar will probably be his name actually.
    Embuoh- could be named Thwarthog (thwart and hog of course.) Probably not though.

    • RunDoubleRun

      I love your Mijumaru line suggestions, though I’m hoping Daikenki becomes Shamurine (Shell + samurai + brine)

    • woogooru

      Your mijumaru names are good, but I hate your pokabu.

      • Ai

        I like Mijumaru more than Pokabu, so I actually took time and researched around with otters. Pokabu was more like, “you know… he shoots fire out of his nose in Best Wishes… NOSTROINK! That’s it!”

  • Mojo

    Deja vu! D:

  • muffun

    Oh wow they’re revealing it the day before my birthday :DDD asdkjasdyaosd

    Tsutarja: Leafaron (Leaf+Baron)
    Pokabu: Curlit (Curl [as in the tail] + Lit)
    Mijumaru: Foamust ([sea]Foam+Mustelid)

    Daikenki: Scallor (Scallop+Valor)

    Doryuuzu: Tremole (Tremor+Mole)

    • Ai

      Just saying, thank you for knowing what a mustelid is. I’m glad I’m not the only one.^^

      • muffun

        They’re one of my favorite taxonomic Families, lmao.

    • Gerudo_Prince

      they’re all awesome 🙂 but i think leafaron sounds a little similar to leafeon?

  • Mendozer

    the grass will be smugleaf (theybetter!)
    water – seeter
    fire – firglet

  • I said this before, many posts back, and it isn’t related to the starters, but…I have a name for Mebukijika, and if it is used for the English versions, then I totally claim credit. My name for it is: Caribloom.

  • nuzamaki90

    theres a safe bet that theses will be the names

    • CastleRock

      OtterPenis FTW

  • Klever

    I think that Jalorda’s name (final grass starter) should be Cobroyale, a combination to Cobra and Royal.

    • Gerudo_Prince

      well that’s cool 😀

  • Marko kurosaki

    XD there the worst names ever XD hahaha o well lets see what happens!!!!

  • ???Unknown

    Not sure but my guess for the names are this:
    Pokabu = Pignite (pig + Ignite)
    Mijumaru = Wotter (basically what everyone else said)
    Tsutaja = Snivy (i liked this name that someone made up)

  • Pokelover



  • Gerudo_Prince

    Looking at all the Tsutarja line suggestions, i’m thinking:

    Snivy (but doesn’t seem likely..)

    are the best ones we’ve come up with 🙂

    Pignite and Emboar are looking good for the Pokabu line….

    …and Scallup, Aquotter and Shamurine look okay for Mijumaru and Co. But I reckon these will be the hardest to guess.

  • Pink

    Tsutaja: I really like Smugleaf, and if they do make it that it’ll tell me that Nintendo does listen to the fans and internet stuff out there… Other then that, my original idea is Sleafeet. A combination of sleek, and leaf feet which… just look at its feet.
    Pokabu: Flemboar. A combination of flame, ember and boar… It also sounds like flaming boar.
    Mijumaru: Aquotter (Aqua otter), or Nautishell (nautical and shell)

    • Pink

      I just realized someone else came up with Aquotter… Its what I get for not reading all the comments.

      • Lol Flemboar sorta sounds like phlegm-boar and nautishell sounds like naughty-shell. But good jobs on the names though, they’re 400x more creative than some of the other ideas on here 🙂

  • Dan

    if mijumaru is called “wotter” i will be unbelievably pissed.

    i’m so excited though! XD but i have no guesses

  • Goold

    Tsutarja -> Ivyper (Ivy + Viper)
    Pokabu -> Piglow (Piglet + Glow)
    Mijumaru -> Shelutrin (Shell + Lutrinae)

  • Toby

    Tsutaaja – Leafoa (Leaf + Boa)
    Janobi – Leafviathyn (Leaf + Leviathyn)
    Jaroda – Leafydra (Leaf + Hydra)

    Pokabu – Pignition (Pig + Ignition)
    Chaobuu – Boaraze (Boar + Blaze)
    Enbuo – Emboar (Ember + Boar) (my original idea for Pokabu’s name before the evolutions were revealed)

    Mijumaru – Mijumaru
    Futachimaru – Futachimaru
    Daikenki – Daikenki
    (Yeah i hope mijumaru’s line keeps it’s names, but if it does change i think it will be)

    Mijumaru – Ottack (Otter + Attack)
    Futachimaru – Ottorior (Otter + Warior)
    Daikenki – Ottamurai (Otter + Samurai)

  • lots of people said it already, but i LOVE shellurai for daikenki

  • Teach

    I’m gonna try…


  • Sponge

    It’s kinda funny how it says “New Pokemon Revealed”…..I know officially outside of Japan nobody is supposed to have a clue about the starters…..but I doubt they really think people wouldn’t get their hands on them if they wanted to?

  • kslafjsdlk

    Seeing those silhouettes brought be back to the day when those we first saw them and the generation 5 era began :’) Good times.
    Anyway I think the names will be Smugleaf (they HAVE to do it! They can’t ignore us!) Pignite, and, umm… Ottarior for Miju’s final form? xD

  • skittles

    i cant really think of a good name for the starters except smugleaf and emboar, but i have a name for any of the rankurusu line:
    cellematom/cellement (cell/element/atom) pleez tell me wut yu think:)

    • Ai

      Please… MEMBRAIN… PLEASE, and if not Rankurussu, Oobemu’s evolution should be named that…

  • Ummmm



  • CastleRock

    Just thought of a great one for the Mijumaru line!! Nottercal. Amalgamation of Otter and Nautical.

    • Ai

      Someone on Pokebeach said Otterfall, waterfall and otter respectively… it’s clever and I could see it.

  • Marshmallow

    Hihidaruma = Babuma, Babumma, Babbuma, Baboma, Babomma, Baboma, Babboma, Babooma, Baboomo, Babomo.
    (Yeah, these names are all mine now, DEAL WITH IT!!)

  • Joejoe


  • Kyle

    emboar = emboar

  • David

    Tsutaja/Tsutarja: Tsuleaf

    Mijumaru: Either Wotter or Opplo?

    Pokabu: Will always be Pignition to me! lol

  • Dillon

    Otter= Ottide (Otter + Tide)

  • Ai

    Just thought of a good one for Tsutaja: Serprince ^^ Eh, eh?

    • Ryan Stardust

      could be of better use to Jarooda.

    • FINALLY!! Tsutaja (or Serprince) gets the royal name it deserves!!! (I LOVE Tsutaja)

  • Zeronus

    I want my Fanbased Names to come through.

    And DerpDerp yeah I’m not fond of Wotter

    GFAQS Names FTW also Zapra for Shimama

    • David

      I would laugh so hard if nintendo actually named it Derp Derp! XD

  • Marko kurosaki

    Grass-Elitvine -Vipertile-Emperthon

    Aleast it beats Smugleaf Wotter!!!

  • Marko Kurosaki


    Aleast it beats Smugleaf and Wotter!!

    • BOB

      NO! IT WILL NEVER BEAT SMUGLEAF! but mijimaru’s evo’s names are pretty cool. 🙂 Boss’ random quote of the day: Boss: Forget this, I’m going to hogwarts!

    • David

      No one can be smugs!

  • Waterlover

    idk what the starters names could be. But I was thinking about the sarcophagus pokemon’s name.


    • jr

      wont work. 10 character limit.

    • That is pretty good.

  • BleachFan2010

    Hmmm im thinking
    Tsutaaja – ???
    Mijumaru – ???
    Pokabu – Pignite – Pig + Ignite

  • BOB

    grass must be smugleaf, if not, then the pokemon company is going to be recieving lots of chain mail.HA HA HAAAAAAA!!! (looks over shoulder) Bob: Hey boss, you think I overdid it? Boss: pickles are cucumbers soaked in…EVIL!

    • David

      This just made my day for whatever reason…

      • BOB

        Well, that’s nice. Hey pokejungle people it’s 6:42 on monday morning and the starters names will be revealed.Eep! Boss: Feel like going to the dark side without the hassle of being a sith lord?b Then try our new dark side cookies, now with 30% less sugar and 30% more EVIL.

  • BOB

    grass: smugleaf- smugblade- smugbranch
    fire: piglite(you can’t ignore it)-pignition-emboar(why change it)
    water: wottor(ive been with that name a while)-shellnami-shellmarai

  • Snowball

    I think Spork for Pokabu would be hilarious. Spark+Pork, and it’s the most interesting utensil ever. 😛

  • Grass: Smugleaf (I can’t think of aything else)

    Fire: Pyroink

  • Logan

    Tsutaja Line – Ivyper> Cobroyal> Sepernvine
    Pokabu Line – Pyroink> Pignition> Emboar
    Mijumaru Line – Aquotter> Shellmarai> Seamarai

  • Ekugran


  • Logan

    Tsutaja Line: Ivyper- Cobroyal- Serpenvine
    Pokabu Line: Pyroink- Pignition- Flamboar
    Mijumara Line: Aquotter- Shellmarai- Seamarai

  • three monkeys


    my real ones:
    vinake->serprince*->snaking (vine+snake->serpent+prince->snake+king)
    pignite*->feiswine->comboar (pig+ignite->feisty+swine->combustion+boar)
    otterain->katide->shelmurai* (otter+rain->katana+tide->shell+samurai)


  • TheFreak

    Well here goes
    Grass: ivyper (would love smugleaf though)
    Fire: baycon (Pleeeease GF pleease)
    Water: idkkk

  • steven

    as long as its not wotter,piglet, or smugleaf im happy

  • Shamose

    Grass- Serpinvine
    Water- Hydrotter
    Fire- Comboarstion

    Bad guesses yes, but you have to be in to win.

    I love Smugleaf, and three monkeys suggestions

  • franfran




  • Mr. Anonymous

    Tsutarja: Juvine, Junivy (Juvenile is one of the terms for baby snake + either vine or ivy)

    Pokabu: Shoacoal (Shoat- Young pig + charcoal)

    Mijumaru: Whoplet or Puplet (Whelp or Pup[both terms for baby otters] + droplet)

  • oshell

    Thats all i can think of. 8)

  • oshell

    Thats all i can think of. 8)

  • Blue Emerald

    I’m guessing Vypalm, Pigaboom, and Splotter.

    • kitkat

      oh i luv pigaboom

  • BOB

    I’m guessing they’ll reveal the starters when they’re sure most kids are home in CST it’s 3:21 there right now so it’d be about 39 minutes if we’re lucky. Boss: I won’t die until I’m h- wait, wrong subject.

  • Sephiroxas

    Wow, i’m posting this and it’s 5:50 here in New Brunswick, what happened?

  • Sazando007

    I GOT IT RIGHT! i was first to say snivy! i made it up on the spot, do i get anyhting? 😛

  • futachimaru ftw

    and im guessing that they will change the regiod name from isshu to Unova…
    total speculation though…

    • RunDoubleRun

      It’s funny because you got one wrong.

  • Davey





    • This post is one and a half years old xD