During August or September the Yahoo! pokemon section had a vote on which new C-Gear skin girls wanted.  They have now announced the winner (pictured left)!

Starting today (October 1st) you can now download this new Chillarmy C-Gear skin from the Pokemon Global Link… that is if you bought a Japanese edition of Black and White :p

<3 pokejungle

ps- Sorry about the error everyone encountered yesterday.  It was the last day of the month so I wasn’t going to pay for more bandwidth when it would simply reset the next day 😡

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  • Tackman

    Aww! It’s adorable! :3

    And I’m saying that as a manly man!

  • HikaruAyame

    It’s so cuuuute! As soon as I can figure out how, I’m downloading it!

  • Random Anon

    Gosh that’s cute!

    They’d better make it available outside of Japan! D<

  • Porygandrew

    Boy, I’d wish that other unlockable content (I’m looking at you, pokegear apps) would be unlocked at least once…

    What were the other choices? any pictures of those?

  • Kryzz

    Damn it, can’t the global link get back up again 🙁
    Anyway this is pretty cool.. I was wondering why there were so many buttons on the C-gear for the same thing.. I guess it was just to fill up space lol. I demand a Hahakomori one now

  • mikal85

    You know what PJ, I just realized that the shiny versions of the 5th gen pokemon don’t resemble in color scheme their evolutions, they’re dif colors. I wonder if they’ll change the other gen pokemon’s shiny versions in each evo line.

    I saw the sprites with their shinies.

    P.s. I wish Sugimori would also make the art work for the Shiny froms 🙁

  • Winged Kuriboh

    You know, I SERIOUSLY thought PokeJungle was gonna end yesterday with all the bandwith errors o.o

  • Miltos

    So we need to wait until the Pokemon Global Link is back up to download this skin?

    • ozymandis

      yep. :/

      otober 4th though. 😀
      only 3 more days. :DDD

      • ozymandis

        scratch that, it’s actually the second. >< so 2 more days. 8D

  • Aaron

    its adorable and i’m a dude too XP

    can’t wait for the dream world to come back online

  • Harry

    can any tell me how to download it?

  • Kryzz

    Hmm there’s only a Mushaana one on the Global link customise screen

    • Harry

      theres a pikachu one when u type in a password in one of the menus

      • Kryzz

        Ah thanks. The password is ゆめのせかい (dream world), you click on キャンペーン一覧 in the orange box on the side then click the option dated 10-9-18 – 11-1-31, and put the password in the box there. I still can’t find the chiraamii one though.. Does your character actually have to be female or something?

        • Eli

          I got it, like… automatically. After I registered my Pokemon White code in the Profile Page section…. and I’m playing as a boy. :B

  • Random

    Could anyone tell me how to do it?
    No matter how much I try, it doesn’t go to my ds when I gamesync…