Guess I’ll report this :B  A new booklet is coming out which features interviews from people who work at Game Freak (such as the Director and Producer) and those who purchase it will receive a code to get one of the Kanto starters in the Dream World!  Frankly I would love to get a bulbasaur!  These starters will have different abilities than they normally would, just like the eeveelutions.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Which would you choose?

pps- Pokemon Peer just hit #9 on Amazon’s ‘Top Selling Books’ (in Japan) and it won’t even be released for about a month!

  • Cronus~TimeWave

    Oh my! My first time (heehee) posting AND I’m the first to comment :O

    Anywhooooo, that’s pretty cool, I hope they get the Type-Absorbing Abilities (Water Absorb, Flash Fire, Herbivore) that would be swell in my book.

    I would either go for bulbasaur or squirtle. :3

    • pokejungle

      Welcome to the league of pokejungle comment-ers <3

  • Manii

    Bulbasaur + Poison Heal, pleeeease <3 ^^

    • Sabine

      Bulbasaur connot be poisoned.

      I think I’m chosing squirtle.

      • Manii

        oops ><

        • Chilias

          Toxic orb 😉 should work… I guess o.O

  • Travis11111

    Since I want to get both games probably Charmander and Squirtal.

  • Kriffix

    I’m really finding the whole alternate ability concept so refreshing!

    And this on top of the fact that old Pokemon can learn new 5th generation moves, some Pokémon will really have whole new life breathed into them! Wahoo!

    • pokejungle

      In my perfect world they’d up the base stats of some ‘mons to make them more usable as well :[

      • Bahahahaha that would be nice.

      • The Devils Corpse

        Like my poor Pidgeot? Regardless of stats, I’ll still love you the most!

      • Sunsurge

        Soo true. They really need to bump up some stats. Especially considering how they do stats now. And maybe give some Pokemon dual types that they need.

        • aether

          This. They need to do some major balancing work. All final evolutions should be more or less balanced. A Pidgeot should be able to hold its ground against a Honchkrow, or Staraptor or even a Garchomp really. I also expect some type changes (Luxray = Electric/Dark)

          • Ekugran

            Luxio/Luxray as Electric/Dark will be amazing 😀

  • Legend

    Oooh…new abilities for starters.
    I’ll definitely choose Charmander.
    Charmander Ftw!

  • Jason

    I want a bulbasaur 😀 first starter for me

  • mariku

    Definitely Bulbasaur~ I love that they’re getting new abilities<3

  • Mr. Mijumaru

    I would pick a Squirtle and it would be amazing if it had the ability Rain Dish, make it a lot easier travelling down rainy routes. 🙂

    • Sponge

      I’ve always figured though that rain dish would always be a Lotad Family exclusive….since they’re the only pokemon that have a dish like structure on their head. So unless a new pokemon has a dish on their head I can’t see it coming to any other pokemon…

      • aether

        Well apparently GF isn’t making abilities that specific anymore. If you’l recall, Swana has Pigeon Heart, which should be exclusive to Pigeon pokemon XD.

  • Winged Kuriboh


    …cuz that fire lizard was my starter in Pokemon FireRed 🙂

  • tsutaja fan

    mine might be squirtle,cause im getting tsutaja,but i will figure it out

  • Peter

    I’m gettin’ Bulbasaur, though I have one already.
    I personally would like Bulbasaur to have either Leaf Guard or Natural Cure.

  • Andy The toy

    there be a video of thid yet

    • ozymandis

      there kinda wouldn’t be one. xD
      it’s a book. xDD

      we might get a video explaining it on poke mon sunday or soemhting though. :/

  • Josh

    probaby squirtle for me since it was the first starter i beat a game with.

  • explosivo

    thats so awsome im choosing bulbasaur while my sis will probably get squirtle

  • Buizel

    SQUIRTLE with herbivore!!!!! Hahahaha

  • Keyblader Jahu

    Ugh. I like all three of the Kanto starters, so I would probably resort to eeny-meenie-miney-mo… x_x Once we know the abilities, though, I’ll probably be able to choose from those. :3


  • Garceuslegend

    It really depends on their abilities, but probably Charmander.

    Bulbasaur would make more sense since I always pick the games’ fire starter, but then again, by picking Charmander, I’d get a Charizard. And Charizard is…Charizard.

  • ozymandis


    oh my dear first starter. 😀

  • These alternate abilities does make sense. Since it’s taking place within the Dream World, possibilities are endless. I’m so happy that we can now obtain starters with alternate ability. Admit it, pinch abilities are getting old. I’m getting Bulbasaur. Grass all the way!

  • Bobby

    SQUIRTLE!!! (cuz I can say it PERFECTLY like him!)

  • LoneStarAkira

    Hopefully the OT will be the trainer who recieves it, too, so then you can nickname and whatnot. ;u;

  • PD

    Isn’t that artwork of Pikachu in the BW sugi style? :3

    • Duh

      Serebii says it’s the 10th of September

      • Duh

        Oops, meant to reply below.

  • macos

    booklet release date?

  • Duh

    Serebii and Pokebeach say it’s the 10th of September

    • macos


  • tsutaja fan

    ♪im in a purple shark outfit,flying high♪

    • ozymandis

      this may sound rude, but are you always drunk or something when you comment because you’re wlays veryVERY random. @@”

      • tsutaja fan

        no,i just got bored,im to young to drink

  • oooh, more alternate abilities! This is great! I think the abilities will be Herbivore and a Fire- and Water- variant of Herbivore for the respective Pokemon.
    I would get Squirtle. I’m guessing you can only access the Dream World after a E4?

    • Hejiru

      We already have a fire variant of Herbivore, btw: Flash Fire.

      • Ah, right, my bad.

  • MNTD29

    I’ll have a Charmander, and I’ll pair it with my Mijumaru and Shikijinka at Triple Battles :p

  • Vicpr22

    Getting a Squirtle it can pown Charmander and Bulbasaur and a new ability to boot =]

  • paipr_christian

    i dont understand why so many people want the type absorbing abilities on pokemon, i dont see much need to have them on type for type. now if charmander had water absorb, and squirtle gets herbivore, and finally bulbasaur gets flash fire, that would be both awesome and worth while. but honestly i dont know how many times ive been tempted to use a pokemons own type against it.

    • Although having those abilities [Charmander with Water Absorb, etc.] would be nice, it makes no sense. Charmander getting Flash Fire, however, makes more sense. Plus, then their evolutions will be better in competitive play. You have a Toxicroak w/Dry Skin out, for example, and your opponent has sent out his Flareon. You switch to Charizard w/Flash Fire and Flareon uses Fire Blast on you. You power up your fire type moves and could scare away the Flareon.

  • Vanzetti#1


  • Jabberwocky

    I would choose Bulbasaur, no doubt about it.

  • no

    this better see an english release

    • ozymandis

      everything like this usually has a english release, for example the wi-fi events, we always get them just later.

      • no

        not the starters, the book itself

  • Who says I have to choose? If I do, it’ll be the one with the most potential.

  • misterwalrein

    Charmander all the way. With Anger Point, so that I may crush my enemies and burn their remains. >:D

  • I need MOAR News!!
    MOAR!!! ^^

    I think i choose Squirtle, when it has Water Absorb.

  • Bobby

    I know it’s off topic, but I made this:
    and original png:
    I made ’em from the magazine/brochure thing, tried to make them look like they probably would with their official artwork (I was too lazy to do the ears/tail). I know it might sound strange, but I think that Emonga may be an evolved form of Pachirisu. If you think about it, it has the same cheeks, eyes, nose, feet, and torso of Pachirisu. Ever since I saw it, I was like “WHOA!” and I’m crossing my fingers!

    • Bobby

      And here’s a sprite I made… Please tell me if you like it!

    • HikaruAyame

      I don’t think it’s an evo. I think it’s a little too… um… cute? XD To be a stage 1. The color scheme also changes pretty drastically. We’d need to see a size comparison, like an official sprite, but I think it’s about the same size.

      As far as having the same cheeks goes, how is this new? Pikachu, Pichu, Raichu, Plusle, and Minun all have basically the same design, and yet they are 3 separate lines. Emonga is just this gen’s cute, fuzzy, electric rodent.

      • Bobby

        I see what you’re saying, and it does make sense…

  • Rikuo88

    i was always more of a squirtle kinda boy

  • chris

    btw i was watching this video and he has the mijumaru’s evo pic from the game play. thought you would like to see it 🙂

  • Random Anon

    This sounds really cool, but how do we know we can choose our starter?

    It could be just a single code, which randomly gives you one of them.
    I’d be rather let down if I didn’t get the starter I wanted…
    I’ve been wanting to replace Jiiro, my first Charizard from LeafGreen, who got deleted off of my XD game when I had memory card issues. Jiiro2 with an alternate ability would be awesome!

    And making a long post even longer: my predictions!
    -Bulbasaur: Effect Spore (The “spore” moves are nice, but waste room in a good moveset.)
    -Charmander: Flame Body (Kind of like giving Bulbasaur a status-affecting ability.)
    -Squirtle: Hydration (Since no water-themed abilities cause status problems, curing said problems is the next best thing.)

  • Digdogger47

    I counted what the people have chosen:
    Which I gotta say is pretty disappointing since I would choose Charmander.

  • Mew- the original

    Considering Bulbasaur is my favorite grass starter, I’d choose him. I hope he gets Effect Spore!

  • Digdogger47

    I know I’m off-topic, but what time does Pokemon Sunday air in Eastern Time?

    • pokejungle

      Umm it’s 7:30am JST… 5:30pm CST… so 6:30pm EST? I think.

      • Keyblader Jahu

        When I’m on the computer waiting for updates, they usually start around 8:30-ish. :/


  • Unlucky

    Bulbasaur with Thick Fat/Chlorophyll \o/!

    @Pokejungle: Are you a Grass Loyalist too?

    • pokejungle

      I am indeed :3

  • Swift Swim or Rain Dish Blastoise. Let’s dooooo iiiiiit…

  • IluvPika

    I can’t see why they want to give starters new abilities when they have one of the best abilities in game.
    Torrent + Rain Dance + STAB + Choice Band Aqua Jet = messive pwnage.

  • Fazkool

    Bulbasaur Tolally.. I chose it in FireRed and HeartGold and I’ll pick it in PGL too… because I can’t trade my Pokemon if I only have 1 DS….

    • HikaruAyame

      If you’ve got wifi you can ask someone online to help. 🙂

  • Supahman

    Bulbasaur ftw!

  • JesusSuperfan

    I’m sure this won’t be coming to the United States or anywhere outside of Japan.